Meet Mocha

henlo furriends! i'm mocha bear the havanese shihtzu pup in fancy dubai 🤎 i love to snuggle, treatos, fur friends & toys!

make sure to let me know if you used any of my discount codes!


Meet kiwi

hi i'm kiwi the cockatiel in the stunning dubai 🤎 my birthday is on july 15 & i'm a fashionista 🎀 i'm not the biggest fan of my bro mocha, but i sure love fashion and food 😋

stick around ☺️!

My Top Picks

Local small businesses that we love ☺️🤎

if you stay in UAE, this is for you! i'm about to share my favourite brands and more about them ☺️


First up is @pickles.dxb on Instagram! we won a set from them and we chose the stunning tropical nights set 🌴 the quality is just amazing and i can't recommend them enough!


@sayankie.pawshion on Instagram is up! communicating with sayankie was so easy and she was super helpful! the quality of thr bows and bandanas we got from her were SPECTACULAR 😍


Next we have @auggiesattire on Instagram! we bought a ton of bows and bandanas from them for kiwi and just love how easy it was to communicate with them and how lovely the quality of their bandanas and bows are ☺️


Upcoming... @fortheloveofdogs.dxb on Instagram! we bought kiwi some accessories from them and later won a accessory for mocha!

their accessories are just absolutely phenomenal 😍 i let out a massive gasp because of how great the quality is!


Next up is @_charlieholic on Instagram! we got so many bandanas from them! their business was for a good cause which was everything that they make through their small business, will be donated to a rescue organization in Dubai 🤩
the fabrics were great and loved the quality of all of them! recommend their store a ton 💛


Next up is @_tobystreats on Instagram! we won a bag of personalized treats from them and oh my goodness, mocha LOVED their treats! what stood out the most about their small business is that Camille, the owner of the brand, is a teenage entrepreneur!

their treats are all homemade, natural, preservative-free, sugar-free and grain-free ☺️


Now we have @whoofsandmeows on Instagram! another teen entrepreneur which i love ☺️ again, we won some doggy donuts from them and the donuts were mocha approved 🐶

the best thing is that they donate 35% to shelters! 🥰

our 2021 wishlist

showing off our 2021 wishlist! hope you love these products as much as we do ☺️🤍

The daisy | Cottagephebes

The kylian | Cottagephebes

The penelope | Cottagephebes

The pool party | Plumepupco

The sage | Plumepupco

Love actually | Sassywoof

Hearty brunch | Sassywoof

Citrus got real | Sassywoof

Berry sassy | Sassywoof

Ombre blue | Sassywoof

Oahu | Zcboho

Powerful | Zcboho

Turtles | Fluffandfetch

Boba-licious | Blushandfluffco

Bee-utiful botanicals | Pinktailco

Ella | Pinktailco

Flower Fields | Loicbydesign

You are my sunshine | Loicbydesign

On the coast | Loicbydesign

Aloha | Loicbydesign

Happier | Luxestitches

Evermore | Luxestitches

Mr. Minimal | Bohoandbark

On point | Bohoandbark

Over the rainbow | Hollyandco_

Flower Power | Hollyandco_

Palma | Shoplunaas

California Dreams | Shoplunaas

The capri | Thedeluxepup

Nova blue | Pawsomepawsboutique

Paper planes | Pawsomepawsboutique

Desert Rainbow | Bougiepoochbyasher

Flower power | Asherandgraydesigns

Summer wish | Puplove.co

Artemis | Sestracollective_

Denim Dream | Shopstylescollective

Monsieur brody | Shopstylescollective

La louve | Shopstylescollective

You're kiwing me | Kayaloveboutique

Paradise Island | Kayaloveboutique

Happy go lucky | Lucasandfriends_

Stay golden | Lucasandfriends_

Marbled | Popandtedthreads

Cruz | The_modernpup

Faye | The_modernpup

Malibu | Harli.and.me

Acropora | Themoderncompanion

Apoidea | Themoderncompanion

Cabana | Themoderncompanion

Kino | Themoderncompanion

Keep it teal | Charlieandcosocial

Spotted | Korrikopet

Mama's boy | Mysunthreads

Poppy sage | Mysunthreads

Summer nights | Mysunthreads

Tulum | Theroseaco

Paradise daisies | Theroseaco

Fresh blooms | Theroseaco