KL Collmorgen Marketing

About Me

Hey, I’m KL and I would love to help your business succeed!

First off, let me tell you a little about me. Well, I would tell you where I am from, but I have lived all over! I have lived in several states including Wyoming, Arizona, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Texas. I have lived in a city of 1.6 million people down to a town of 65 people!

I graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing in 2017 and won a National Championship in Collegiate Rodeo! I have since moved to Lufkin, TX with my husband Clayton and our puppy Knox.

I have been helping clients market their businesses for a year and a half now and I absolutely love it! I have helped a wide variety of business owners grow their businesses and lessen their workload.

I’m up for any challenge! I have designed websites, logos, company branding, posters, emails, post cards, and social media platforms. I am very attentive to detail and love designing.

I offer social media packages that include original graphics, captioning, hashtags, engagement, and monthly analytic reports.

I love strategizing with business owners and tackling any challenges they are encountering. My number one priority is helping you and your business succeed and grow!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your workload or just needing some help making a few tweaks to grow your business?

I am here to help! Book a free zoom call with me today to chat about your business goals and needs!

Let’s see what we can accomplish together!

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