get to know me

hey there, how you doin?

my names kat, i’m currently adventuring the sunny state of florida with my hubs, my dog & cat. when i’m not out seeking some thrills, i’m sitting tight at home (or at the beach if those are my vibes that day) helping biz owners like you with admin tasks & social media management.

listen, you can do this the easy way, or the hard way. if you wanna spend all your spare hours replying to DMs & breaking your brain trying to figure out what your next post should be or if the colors of your new IG photo match with the rest of your feed or... oh crap, you’ve got 500 unread emails... hey, you do you. but let’s be real for a second, you’d much rather be spending time with your loved ones or wrapped up on the couch binge watching your favorite show, or sipping a margarita at the beach while you burn... I mean tan ;)

anyways, i digress. my point is the choice is in your hands, but my hands are open & ready to help you lighten the load.

the hard truth

so apart from being a business owner myself, i’m married to a business owner as well. i've got more than enough first hand examples of how easily your to-do lists all of a sudden change from "to-do", to "to-avoid". i didn't chose to become a VA because i needed to find a job, i chose it because every day i had to watch my husband come home from a long day of hard labor, only to sit at his desk for hours trying to organize the mayhem that had become of the back end of his business. i watched the hours that turned into days of him trying to send out invoices every month, to sort through every accumulated email, to run his website, create social media content, handle customer service, scheduling, admin tasks, advertisement... must i go on? we got tired of wasting time that we could have been spending together, hanging out, watching movies, scuba diving, traveling, doing literally anything else! unfortunately most of these tasks kinda just come with an entrepreneurs job description, but that doesn't mean you have to be stuck with all the weight of it yourself. like i said before i didn’t become a VA just to do it, i did it because i’ve seen first hand how much work, love, & dedication goes into turning your dreams and talents into a business, so why not help you thrive even more? you didn’t make it this far, to only make it this far.

let’s grow together

what can i do for ya?

my services

social media

⋗ post scheduling
⋗ hashtag research
⋗ optimized engagement
⋗ lead generation + outreach
⋗ audience engagement

content creation

⋗ graphic design
⋗ content planning + scheduling
⋗ photo editing
⋗ video editing


⋗ travel coordination
⋗ event planning
⋗ inbox management
⋗ client communication
⋗ calendar management

pinterest management

⋗ account set up and optimization
⋗ content creation
⋗ tailwind management