About Me

Hey Hey! I’m maranda ✨

I currently reside in Columbus, OH with my husband. We moved here just in time for the pandemic (yikes!) Before that, we lived in Northern California.

Growing up, I always wanted to help people. That was my only direction in life: helping others. I gained a bachelors degree in sociology. I tried helping people through spiritual ministry, homeless shelters and nonprofits. Along the way, I experienced years of customer service as well as years managing and assisting.

I come alive helping people reach their highest potential. I come alive believing in other’s dreams. I come alive assisting others so they have more peace + more success.

During the pandemic I stumbled upon the world of virtual assisting. To say it changed my life is an understatement. The opportunity to do what I love + be my own boss feels too good to be true.

Now, I get to implement the immense experience and training I have along with the beauty of being self-employed.

I love what I do as a virtual assistant and love the idea of assisting you to take your biz to the next level!


Self Love Entrepreneurs

I specialize in helping self-love entrepreneurs. I believe that spreading self-love + self-acceptance is some of the most important work that can be done.

To me, this looks like self-love coaches, boudoir photographers, body positive influences, and so many other entrepreneurs.

My dream is to help other self-love advocates so that they can focus on doing the work they love.

I got interested in the self-love world because of my own story of struggling to accept myself. After years of inner pain- I chose to fight to find my value. It changed my life forever. I am thankful for the self-love world and community and this is my way to give back.

Self-love is not my only passion. I happily work with other entrepreneurs that do not fall under the category of “self love.” My only desire is that me and my clients align. If you are interested in working me— PLEASE reach out and I would love to chat.