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About me

My name is Fathimah Nurul Azizah, currently 18 y.o and I live in Indonesia.

I study English Literature in Universitas Islam Negeri Surakarta. Here I want to share you what I've done.



First thing first,

I am learning about 5 languages. They are Indonesian🇲🇨, Javanese🇯🇵, English🇬🇧, Arabic🇸🇦, and Korean🇰🇷. Languages seems very attractive to me. I could learn new stuff and everything was so interesting with their own uniqueness. I couldn't give up to learn it, you guys should try it too!🙆🏻‍♂️

There is a Czezh proverb 🇨🇿 that said "Learn a new language and get a new soul." That was right tho. I do get different personalities in each language👻. And for knowing more than one language I can be more comfortable, feel save, relate to the world, gain knowldege also boost my confidence. 🤸🏻‍♀️

By learning new languages, it gave me special personal spaces 🌌 to talk to my self. With new languages that not many of my sorroundings know about it, I can feel connected with myself more and it heal my self from stress of being adult.💆🏻‍♂️

Right now I academically learn English.🦄


I take the English Literature as my second option.

The reason I take this major was beacuse I did'nt get through the SBMPTN📝. I accept my failure, be brave and move on to the field I always have interst in, English. 🇬🇧

Suprisingly, here, I really enjoy the situation where I have unlimited access to study english compared when I was on highschool or before.👐🏻

I can develop my skill with the lesson that the lecturer gave. Such as speaking, writing, listening, pronunciation, grammar, reading, even creative industry that introduce me what can we earn from learning this program.💸💸💸

It was such a precious experience.


It's a complete different world.

In English litearture of course I should survive because we not only learn about the language also all of the things that made it a symbol of communucation. 🗣

I tried to understanding each subject by many different ways of learning. Sometimes I watch videos with english subtitles, listening to English music, or practice to speak.


Thank you for reaching out this page. People can't be perfect, people will always be less than others. That's normal. Believe yourself you can go through anything. That's what Iearn in this major.

I have a little gift, if you want to. Please check out the link 🙏🏻
Byee! 👋🏻

Let's take a rest

This world is exhausting. You can cry sometimes. I hope it can make you realize that you're not alone in this joirney.

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You are extraordinary⭐

Don't be timid. You are big, strong, smart, beautiful. You have sooo many amazing things inside you. Be you !

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Have fun

I want to share my favorites music to jamming, hope you can have fun too!

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