About Me

A little lot about me…

Hey girlies and gents, my name is Meesha. I’m a 3X business owner of The Creative Broadcast, a digital creative networking space along side my beauty business ‘Meesha’s Artistry’ and my Podcast, Let’s do life.

Aside from running my businesses,
I’m a huge wellness guru, one who prioritizes mental, physical and spiritual well-being. I strongly believe that true fulfillment is first radiated from the inside-out.

I enjoy spending off days with friends and family, or spending time pouring into me. I love trying new things and find a footing in a number of things that make me, Me!

I love writing and have found it to be a positive outlet and tool in my life for managing my thoughts, emotions and encouraging healthy expression.
Through my writing I’ve created a more engaging experience by creating my Podcast & sharing my journey with you.
@letsdolifepod on Instagram for more!

I can’t leave here without mentioning my love for travelling and I don’t just mean on an airplane- I love road trips and exploring new scenery and culture. I’m able to create new experiences, become more culturally diverse and see the world first hand for its beauty.

My vision is global impact. Where unique experiences and long-lasting connections can be created by all.

I’m learning that I am such a multi-dimensional creative person, and if you’re that too, I’m happy you stopped by and I encourage you to swipe right & connect.

Sharing my love for content creation is just a small part of what makes me, Me. My ultimate goal is to connect, inspire, and grow with people, as a community.

By sharing my authentic experience of life throughout my 20’s, while I learn, unlearn, rediscover, build, create new experiences & strengthen my spiritual growth, I’m able to encourage purpose.
Find your purpose, live through that purpose & transform the lives of others & yourself!

I believe no matter your experience, when given the right tools 90% of people can be more successful than they thought they'd ever be. So I ask you...

What is success to you?
Is it simply making sales, or is it creating meaningful relationships with those that encounter you?
Is it making posts to fit a certain aesthetic, or is it influencing and sharing your story with your community for greater connection and massive impact?

I like to think of sharing my experience as creating my business card of the internet age-- a business card on steroids that is!
One that generates massive traffic, lasting connections and quality sales leads!

So, why wait! Share your story & inspire others!

Swipe right and access my quick links to begin sharing your story & building meaningful connections!