The Caffeine Fix —

A value-packed intensive designed to give you the fix you need to create strategies that will allow you to build a community of dream clients.

If you’re struggling with..

📌 finding your ideal client
📌 engaging genuinely
📌 keeping a warm audience
📌 constantly feeling like you’re chasing leads

then you’re on the right place!

By the end of the call
👉🏼 you’ll know where to find your ideal client
👉🏼 have built strategies for your business
👉🏼 know how to attract dream clients
👉🏼 will be able to create a warm community of ideal clients

What’s included:
60 min zoom call 🤳🏼
A PDF of what was discussed ☕️
Lifetime access to a recording of our call ✨
1 week of unlimited Voxer support 📲

Book your spot today! 👇🏼

The Caffeine Fix

about me

Hey there! I’m Nancy :)

I’m the Engagement and Lead Generation Expert! I help coaches and OSP’s build a community of dream clients!

I started this business due to health issues. I couldn’t take care myself as I needed at a 9-5.

I began to search for jobs online and I saw I could be an online service provider. I had no prior experience but I knew with determination and a strong mindset I could do it.

I started to do as much research as I possibly could and invested in myself to offer the best I could to my clients.

I now run my own business on my own conditions and when my body needs rest, I’m allowed to stop at any time and take care of myself. Something that I couldn’t do at a 9-5.

I’m excited that I’m able to do engagement and lead gen for coaches all while teaching fellow OSP’s how to build the right strategy for their business!

If you’re tired of hustling and constantly have to keep warm leads and are ready to attract and build a community of dream clients then click the link down below and lets chat about what your needs are for your business.

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