It's Oh Kay Care

It's Oh Kay Self Care
is an online store in Kingston, Jamaica that provides all your favourite ways to treat yourself.

Our mission is to create a safe and comfortable space for you to de-stress in the comfort of your home at a reasonable cost, creating the perfect spa-like experiences when you just don't have the time to go out.

Our neat & stylish packages are carefully and expertly designed utilizing the best products from Yaad & abroad.

Each package comes with surprise goodies to help you relax & pamper yourself.
You have the option of
1. Building your Own Box using items available in our collection,
2. Customizing gift packages for a loved one and even
3. Purchasing a Subscription Box of randomized self care items carefully curated and sent to you once a month as recommended.
Soon you'll even be able to visit our store to select and purchase individual non-collection items.

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Terms and Conditions

What You Need to Know

Pick up points include:
Any central location in Kingston $300.
Residential/ Business locations in Kingston & Portmore $500.
Portmore Mall & Pines (Sovereign Centre) $500.

🌸 For each order, please follow the step-by-step process in the next slide. The total cost (including delivery) will be calculated before order submission. You will receive a confirmation including an invoice with the details of your order.

🌸Our customized gift packages and self care kits can take 3 days to 2 weeks to perfect and standardised self care packages are delivered the following weekend (Friday-Sunday) after order confirmation.
Please note that full payment confirms your order if you choose any of the electronic payment options.
Cash payments are only accepted upon delivery of standardised self care packages.

If you need urgent delivery, let us know.
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🌸 Store Policies:
1. It's Oh Kay prides itself in making our
deliveries on-time. In keeping with this, we ask that you practise punctuality and consideration to ensure that other customers receive their product on time as well.
2. It's Oh Kay cannot accept exchanges or returns at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience. Exchanges are however negotiable on a circumstancial basis.

If you have further queries, please email us or send us a message for a quicker response.


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Behind It's Oh Kay

Self Care and Mental Health through COVID-19

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