Hi There!

DACA mommy making dreams come TRUE

Hey I’m Brenda! If you’re here on my page you’re wondering what am I doing or you already know and want a hair/ skin consult! Let me tell you about myself.

I am a DACA teenage mother. I had my kid at 16. I graduated high school as expected. I was born in Mexico City and raised in Los Angeles, Cali. I went to a school that I didn’t want initially and then fought to remain in that school. I was accepted into my dream school but I couldn’t afford it so I gave that up.

Like anyone, I got future plans, but my main one is my dream job. I do want to continue school and become an immigration attorney. Be the voice for those who fear to speak. Fight the battles for those who can’t. My community is very important to me. AND I don’t want to give law school up.

That’s is why I decided to have my own business. It’s the beauty industry but it’s more than just beauty. I said I didn’t want to give up anything ever again and that’s what amma do. Since I started this business I’ve had enough income to travel with my family. To go enjoy life with them and have enough to save for further ideas.

Now I want to invite YOU to join me and let me teach YOU how to fight for your dream! Get that extra source of income to make your dreams come true. Don’t dodge the obstacles, DESTROY them! You can do this.