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Hihi! I'm Sunflower or Sunny!! I am a small twitch streamer that streams variety games and art! My community is a safe place for everyone as long as you are a decent human being!! Hope you enjoy your stay!💛

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A list of my boundaries!

Credits to the Ranboo Update account on twitter for the list of boundaries, yes these are mostly ranboo's boundaries but they gave me a good base of what I was and was not comfortable with. Obviously me and ranboo are two different people so some boundaries have been added, changed to fit me, or taken away!

🌻Do not speculate on or search for my private information (name, location, birthday, etc.) - if I've not publicly revealed something, there’s a reason for that.

🍯Do not speculate, theorize or joke about, etc. my sexuality. I have made it aware that I am asexual and that is the extent of what you will know.

🌻Do not zoom in on pictures of my face and try to see my facial features. I stay faceless for a reason.

🍯If I accidentally reveal something (e.g. on a facecam stream), do not post screenshots or share clips of it please! 

🌻NSFW & ‘morally wrong’ fanart/fanfics are not okay. This should be a given since I am a minor.

🍯Do not ship me with my friends or others please. I am not comfortable with it and I do not want my friends to be uncomfortable.

🌻Cosplays of both c! and cc!Sunny is totally fine, as well as genderbent fanart/cosplay! I want to see your guys' creativity!

🍯I am okay with people interpreting and drawing how I look!

🌻I don't want people posting my personal dms, discord messages, etc. out of context it can cause confusion and unnecessary drama.

🍯Do not compare my growth to other streamers. I am okay with being somewhat compared to other streamers (ie. You remind me of *blank*) but please remember I am my own person!

🌻Do not bring me up in other people’s chats when it isn’t necessary or relevant, or spam my emotes in others’ chats. This is just general Twitch etiquette; follow it.

🍯I am not okay with people ‘babying’ me - (ie. telling me to sleep, eat, etc.) Not everything I do is worth an "Aw"

🌻I am fine with people taking inspiration from my content, but make it your own don't just copy me!

🍯Do not bring me unnecessarily into drama when I wasn’t involved in the first place. 

🌻Do not have me in your profile picture, display name, @, etc. if you are going to engage in drama or send people threats. It puts a bad rep on my community. My community is supposed to be a safe place for everyone.

🍯Do not speak for me by any means, especially on smaller issues that don’t really affect me much at all. If something actually has an impact on me, I will address it.

🌻Do not find and circulate old clips of myself. It makes me highly uncomfortable and anxious, it's not because of the content of the clips or that I have anything to hide it simply makes me anxious.

🍯I prefer not to swear a ton; I do occasionally but I try to limit it. So if I do swear please do not make a big deal about it.

🌻Don’t pressure me into doing things, it  causes a lot of anxiety for me!

·🍯My pronouns are She/Her but I do not mind they/them in the context of "they have really cool art" or things along those lines.

·🌻I prefer to go by Sunny or any other variation of my username (ie. Sun, Sunflower, etc) if my real name gets said please do not use it. I am not comfortable with that I go by Sunny for a reason.

·🍯Fanfiction is fine as long as it is not shipping or morally wrong. Violence and gore is alright I do not mind I personally really like horror type things!

·🌻Do not sexualize me in anyway shape or form. This includes comments like "You're hot/sexy" once again I am a minor this should be a given.

·🍯I do not mind my character in lore being headcanoned as Lgbtqia+. She is canonically asexual as I myself am. I also do not mind other headcanons such as my character being a parental figure in the SMP. Basically any headcanons are fine as long as they are appropriate.

·🌻Please do not Trauma Dumped in donos, chat, etc! I do not mind comments like "Your streams helped me through really bad times" or anything like that! Its the comments that are just flat out saying what the trauma is you've been through, I am sorry you've gone through that trust me I am but I have my own battles to fight and I am not a therapist💛

·🍯Do not call me a stan/simp. I get excited about things I get hyper fixated on things if I talk about one person/content creator a lot It's because I enjoy their personality and content. Not because I like them. Being called a simp makes me highly frustrated because I just don't feel like that or go to those extents. I enjoy peoples company, content, personality; like any other human being it does not mean I am simping for them.

Sorry if this seems like a lot, but as a content creator I have to put these boundaries in place. Unfortunately there are people who will find loopholes around these boundaries or just ignore them in general. Check for updates and I will try to let you know if there are updates! These come from me myself, so there should be no question about the sincerity of these boundaries.

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