About me

Traveler & Strength and conditioning coach.

Hi guys its me, Tori!
A filipino girl from Boston moving to San Antonio, I love to explore, eat, laugh and share my experiences with you ♥️

I’ll be posting my favorite meals, travel experience and coaching tips and tricks on here!

My top picks

The best places to sit down and eat- or grab a coffee and go!

These are my top places to eat at around Boston, Sarasota and San Antonio- more places coming soon!
Since recovering from Anorexia and Bulimia, I have explored my love of food by trying anything and everything, because life is sooooooo worth eating well!

The South End Buttery

One of the yummiest breaki places in the back bay of Boston. Everything from the coffee to the food to the doggie bag home is amazing!

Lucky Finn Café

This place is an adorable water shed right in the heart of Scituate Harbor. Great for a coffee and pastry stop to start your morning off oh so sweet!


Amazing Mexican restaurant in lynnfield MA. Service was just as amazing as the food and drink- definitely make this a dinner date!

Cup Of Joe

Cute little cafe to stop in while you’re shopping in Portsmith!

Harpoon Willys

If you want a nice lunch right on the water stop in here while you’re still in Portsmith! Cute place to sit down for a date or just take a break from walking around. They have a good variety of food and drink as well!


One of the best night you will have! Live band tiki bar with amazing food and drinks! Try out the grouper nuggets for a taste of Florida!! Fries are amazing and their chicken sandwich and burger are equally as yummy.

Kahwa Coffee

This cute cafe is in the University Town Center shopping mall in Sarasota FL. It has the yummiest espresso- I got the coconut macchiato and my friend Ginger ordered the Mocha, both highly recommended!!

Two Scoops

Every time I visit the island I make sure to stop here! Service is always the friendliest and sweetest with the best ice cream around! Anything you order will leave you smiling :)


When I first read “AM eatery” I didn’t make the connection to the name Snooze- an all breakfast restaurant!! The atmosphere was so happy and upbeat with a little cute quirk in every server. The food was absolutely amazing- I got the avo smash and bella bella benedict and devoured them!

In and Outside the Gym!

Exercise & Nutrition - Health & Wellness

“Movement is the greatest sign of life”
Being a strength and conditioning coach has opened up a whole new world to me. Treating yourself with care and love is key in having a healthy lifestyle! Heres some of my best tips and tricks to being the change you want to see in yourself!


Strength Training

Lifting weights is key to changing body. Time under the bar is how I measure dedication to the practice- to the act of putting yourself first. That being said always always ask a professional before you do anything crazy in the gym- trying something you saw on Instagram doesn’t validate the risks you put yourself in by trying something with improper form or weight. There is a process and a proper way to strengthen your body, and it definitely isn’t instagrams! Because with the right way you can increase bone strength, increases muscle fibers, decrease adipose tissue and improve your overall body composition. You can also email me for a complimentary assessment and possible become a client and get my training programs!


Food Health

Food hygiene and health is so important! Eating when you’re bored, grabbing dinner at a fast food joint down the street or going all day without eating then grubbing last at night in the kitchen are all unhealthy habits that can be easily fixed. Start off evaluating your dietary habits by writing down all the food you can recall you ate during the day. Also try finding a local dietician and get a consult! You have to have a meaningful connection to what you’re putting into your body if you want to feel and look the way you’ve been saying you want to feel, and the biochemical relationship of what you eat and how you feel is so important!!!


Healthy Habits

Healthy people have healthy habits- simple as that!
Having a morning routine is a great starting place to allow yourself to have consistency in your greetings to each new day. Intentionally gratitude for everything you have and do is a second step in endorsing more positivity and happiness in your days. Lastly is a good bedtime routine. No screen time 30 minutes prior to getting into bed is a great alternative to insomnia! Try these out and let me know how they help!


Mental Health

Mental health , don’t be fooled, its a huge part of physical health as well! The yummy endorphins that are released with bodily movement is one of the best rewards in the world. That being noted, if you are struggling with any mental disorder just getting up out of bed can be hard- I get that and I’ve been there more times than I’d admit. So hear this
“Every moment you have two options; to step forward into growth or to step back into safety”
Abraham Maslow said this and it resonated with me and I hope it does with you too. Taking time time to put yourself first and changing how you move and feel is something you should be proud of.