Varin Deasyafira

"We attract what we put out to the universe"

Seniman Jalanan

Made by Varin

I love art, I love to create something. Painting and writing are my most "go to" art when I'm sad or down or just having unstable mental health. I am lucky to finally understand myself through art.

Lucky Girl

Canvas 20x30 cm
She is the girl that escaping from the heaven! Growing up from the he'll and surviving on the earth.

Silace is the most powerful scream

Canvas 20 x 20 cm
This is the painting that I made, it's about BEING ABANDONED.
"Silence is the most powerful scream. Abandonment is the terrifying thing for me. honesty would never be wrong."
It's hurt to feel this way but life must go on, and my brush keep moving on.

I'm a bad bitch with bad mental health

Canvas 40x40
My sun is pisces, my moon is aries. I care too much until I forgot about my own mental health. I'm thankful for myself for being strong for the rest of mylife, I love me.

You got this girl!

Canvas 20x20 cm
I am a sensitive person, I am a lover, I love too deep but I forgot that falling is never be easy. Broken heart makes me stronger even I knew that I have scars all over me, but I learn from those scars. I am growing.


Canvas 20x20 cm
One of my alter ego is Issabella, she is strong independent women. Mostly she is stubborn and being a bad bitch without thinking whatever she wants. She has a strong belief that everything she does is based on her logic, she ain't give a damn shit about people's heart.

Mad women ruled by Neptune

Canvas 20x20 cm
Issabella is a very stubborn women. But most of the time she does everything just to make herself better. She loves to care other people but she just has no idea how to love people right, eventually she broke other's heart.

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