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Hi, I’m Itzel! I am 19 years old and I am blessed with my hubby and my 18 month old.♡︎

I moved from Texas to Arizona 2 months ago. Leaving friends, family, and my job behind! We came for my husband’s job opportunity to a new city a new state where we have no friends or family. Not the easiest decision if you ask me, but here I am exploring a new home with my loved ones! And you know why? Because opportunities are not given twice. I am currently a college student that continues online classes and quit my bookkeepping job to become a stay home mom! Doesn’t sound too bad huh? But it really isn’t me, I want to get my degree and be someone in life! That’s when opportunity knocked on my door. I said HELL YESS!! I am a mom, a wife, a student, and was already working back home, so why not work from wifi, among incredible women, building friendships, and striving for the best and only the best!

My purpose is to help other women jump on this journey and find freedom together! If you are a student, a mom, a wife, even working multiple jobs trust me this is for you! Why? Because we all want to live the best life we can! Or not? Over two years ago I didn’t know I was going to be a mom or a wife, but now I am so happy that I am! And 3 months ago Phoenix, Az was not in my plans either, but let me tell you I don’t regret going out of my comfort zone one bit!

Yes, I wanted to make an extra income, I got it, plus I got the BEST PRODUCTS I have ever tried that are now making my hair and skin feel its best. Not to mention, I have built new amazing friendships during a pandemic!!

Now it is my turn to help you! Let me intoduce you to the best beauty products in the industry right now. I promise, you will not regret it. Don’t just stay behind and watch everyone else make their dream come true.❤︎