About me

I am amazing. I can do anything. I choose positivity. I celebrate who I am as an individual. I am worthy and prepared to succeed.

Hello!!! Welcome to my page! My name is Katie,
I live in Illinois with my husband of 17 years and our 6 beautiful children (oh and our 4 crazy dogs). Our oldest daughter is 17 and our youngest daughter is 1, so you can only imagine what our daily life is like. ;)
Besides being a little cray cray, I’m just your typical stay at home momma living my best life. During the day, you can find me sitting around our big beautiful farm house table (that my husband made) schooling 4 of our children. In the afternoons I’m driving kids to swim class, baseball practice and anywhere else they need to be. In the evenings, you’ll find me at Fire House Gym coaching power tumbling. I’m a huge fitness and nutrition enthusiast! I’ve always been passionate about working out and eating healthy. And even though I eat my fair share of tacos and chocolate, I still try my best to fuel my body with nutrition. My other passion is helping mentor other busy mommas learn how to balance crazy mom life with exercise and healthy eating. I’ve always loved helping other people. Inspiring and mentoring is what fuels my soul!
I truly believe that I was put on this earth to help change lives.

I run monthly self care bootcamps. These groups are designed to help you reach your fitness and nutrition goals and to help you learn to love the beautiful, strong and amazing person you are!

So let’s get started!!