Wanting the best that life has to offer is so nice. Working for the best that life has to offer is even greater.

Life is full of opportunities.

Some are frightening to one person but exciting to another. I bet if you were asked to take a chance, and you knew it would make you feel uncomfortable, you wouldn’t take it. But you know what? TRY. Stepping out of your comfort zone might not be fun, nor may it be pretty. You may fumble over your words, trip, or even feel like a total idiot; but that’s okay because life is about taking chances.

You never know what the outcome may be.

Choose that job that pays less that you know you would be much happier working instead of dreading every workday. Make that scary choice of happiness over money. Apply to that job that you aren’t qualified for, but you know you are willing to work hard while there. Step out of your comfort zone; go to that school that is counties, states, and even countries away because you feel it’s right for you. Take that leap of faith and travel. Get up and move if you want to move. Take the risk of looking awkward, being uncomfortable, and being so mind-bogglingly nervous that you may puke because you’re petrified of the outcome.

It doesn’t have to be a giant leap. It can be a simple, small step. Take that chance to cut your hair differently, get a piercing, or something that makes you say: “what the heck, why not?” Do it!

The future is always changing and you don’t want to go your whole life with uncertainties. “What if I had told him or her that I loved them?” “What if I went on that blind date instead of bailing?” “What if I chose that job that I would have loved instead of the higher paying one?”

Living life with the thoughts and regrets of “what if's” is NOT LIVING.

So, take that chance because life is about taking chances.