About me

hi, i'm iulia!

I am a licensed European architect, currently living in Mallorca.

Environmentalism plays a very important part in my professional and personal life.
I use an approach based on the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) rather than a strictly technocratic one.
It's crucial as a professional to push for the most sustainable choices, even when it requires extra time and effort.

After gaining international experience, I joined forces with Mercedes and Lluis and we established Up Design Mallorca in 2019.
Our goal is to create functional and visually pleasing spaces, sustainable both ecologically and economically.

Outside of architecture, my passions orbit around discovering different cultures.
Living in five countries allowed me to learn six different languages and to mature my worldview immensely.
My future plans include to keep learning, to explore the world and to make a difference as a female architect. Today only three of world's 100 biggest architecture firms are headed by women, despite for decades architecture graduates have been fairly distributed between genders.
It's our responsibility to change these statistics and to pave the way for future female generations.


We don't always choose the place where we live, sometimes a place chooses us.
I believe this happened to me with Mallorca.
My dreams have always been big, but living in Mallorca is a constant reminder that you don't have to be in the center of the universe to do something that matters.
Every project, every design, no matter its size, can bring a positive impact to the world.

Mallorca has a cosmopolite culture, an extraordinary nature and great opportunities. It teaches you patience, humility and the importance of not burning bridges (it's an island after all).
I draw constant inspiration from the low-paced and calm lifestyle of the island and apply it to my projects and life.
A magical island decided that I had to stay here and I'm thankful for it everyday.


I completed Architecture studies in Rome in 2017.

During my studies, an Erasmus grant allowed me to spend one year in Paris at École nationale supérieure d'architecture Paris-La Villette.
My thesis research was done during a six months scholarship at Moscow Architecture Institute.

In Moscow I also gained my first work experience through an internship at Sergey Skuratov Architects.

In 2016, the award-winning Mallorcan studio Miquel Lacomba Architects offered me an internship, followed by a job offer the next year.

After two years of experience at Lacomba office, I got my architect licence and at the beginning of 2019 decided to establish Up Design Mallorca.

Although Up Design vision is deeply routed in Mallorcan culture and materials, we've been involved in several international projects, both in Mediterranean areas and overseas.

Besides architecture, I curate graphic design and branding projects for small businesses and am also founder of Sketching Palma, a drawing school for adults.