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~ How you can start ~

Hey! I’m Diane but you can just call me Didi. I’m a student & multi-creative entrepreneur from Puerto Rico. It is no coincidence that you found me and are reading this right now and here’s why...

I had been looking for a job for a while before the Covid-19 outbreak hit here and had ZERO luck. It was hard for me as a full time student to create space for a part time job and risk my studies for some extra cash, so I lost hope in finding something that fit what I needed. That was my life until two months into quarantine, because I started seeing how my sister was making money >from home< while studying and taking online classes. I was surprised and thought to myself “HOW is she working from home? WHAT is it? WHY hadn’t I heard about this before? It took me a whole month to decide to try it out for myself.

Once I said YES to starting this, to try it out for myself... It was the start of something big, that ONE thing changed my whole perspective on life and helped me create this new mindset. Not only that, everything got triggered like a chain reaction! I started taking better care of myself, I valued my time and practiced gratitude. I connected with new people, got my paychecks and got my hair FINALLY like I wanted.

Have you ever felt like your just on autopilot? Like your just going with the flow? Me too. I got tired of not having a clear path and this helped me find it. I got tired of giving in to my insecurities and overthinking mindset. Saying yes to this was life changing. Change is always scary but it’s in moments of change when we can tap into the best version of ourselves. This is life giving you the opportunity you didn’t know you were looking for.

✨ My favorite space ✨

Hey! If you’re a gamer like me then welcome! 🤟🏽 I upload full videos or compilations of my favorite games. If you like what you see you can comment and like, and I would really appreciate your feedback! Thank you for the support✨

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