Behind the Screens

Meet the face + founder of Ivory Edit

O H H E Y ! ✨

Oh hey there! I’m Liz 🙋🏽‍♀️ face and founder behind Ivory Edit. It’s not often you’ll see my face around here as I’m usually working behind the screen 🖥 (or binging on Netflix 😝🤓 #addicted )

For those of you who don’t know me here’s a quick five facts to get you up to date: ⠀

1. I LOVE the smell of paper 😍 I love opening a book or mag and smelling it. It probably also explains why I specialize in print based graphic design 🤔😂 Anyone else out there obsessed like I am or is it just me? 😅⠀

2. I own, love and live with what could be considered the worlds laziest kelpie 🐶 His name is Mikey and he spends his days finding the sunniest spots to sleep in the studio 😴⠀#hardlife ⠀

3. I love a good murder mystery (book, movie or tv show, I’m not fussy!) but Harry Potter will ALWAYS be my ultimate fave ⚡️#always ⠀

4. My full name has 26 letters... yah, that’s the whole alphabet 😐 It’s also why people just call me Liz 😉😂 ⠀

5. I have a real addiction to social media 😅. I may not post everyday (my bad I know!) but it’s one of the first and last things I’ll do every day. Haha, may need to work on that 🤔⠀

And that’s me! 🤗