learn about me...

I’m a girl 🙋‍♀️ who makes Toca boca content that is suitable for everybody! 💞

I do ❌NOT ❌tolerate hate, as I am a busy person who has an outside life I have no time to deal with rude comments. 💬

If you ever want to message me about a misunderstanding, then comment on my recent video and tag me! I’ll try to get with you ASAP and resolve any problems you may have with my videos or myself! 👀💖

Collaborations ⁉️
only mutals! please do not be upset if I don’t do a collab with you, it’s not as easy as it seems when so many people ask you to collaborate, I hope you understand!🤞

Copying 📌
I am ✖️not ✖️a gait keeper nor someone who gets upset, as my viewers tend to be younger I feel as though it would be very rude of me to tell someone not to use my characters/house/ideas! ☺️Just give credits if you do film, it’s very much appreciated 🥳💞The only PROBLEM... 😕is that if you copy my pfp or pretend to be me, then I will have to block you, the reason behind this is I don’t want you (hypothetically) to continue copying and falsely spread lies that make people believe that you’re “itz toca Alice!”

I can’t believe you read all of that...THANK YOU!

And remember you’re beautiful/handsome, talented, and smart!🤩💖 Do ✖️NOT ✖️let anybody tell you otherwise.

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