Izu Aginwa is the founder of multiple businesses, including Riches & Saint, a creative digital growth and branding agency with two locations in Southern California.

Hi, my name is Izu!

My passion in life is to challenge complacency and create growth. Every day I get to do this for companies, but more importantly I get to do this for real people.

My passion started at home with my parents who immigrated from Nigeria and my three brothers. We were born in Atlanta, Georgia but our parents took us to Nigeria to experience our culture as children.

The experience of going from upper-middle class America to the same village my parents grew up in in rural Nigeria set the tone for the rest of my life. It not only set the foundation for the person God wants me to be but also revealed the power of working towards a better life for yourself and your family while simultaneously helping others.

By the time I returned to the United States I had learned to appreciate and take full advantage of every opportunity I was blessed to have placed before me. With that mindset I was able to put myself through Evangel University, intern as social media manager for PBS Broadcasting, be mentored by globally recognized speaker and author Scott Williams, and eventually consult for multiple multi-million dollar brands.

Fast forward to today, I am the CEO and co-founder of Riches & Saint. R&S allows me to create personal and business growth for creatives by providing a credible environment for everyone to grow real brands and businesses.