Hi! Nice to meet you. My name is Izabela, many people call me Izzy!🥰 I am currently doing a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Portsmouth!

I am partnered with a company which inspires healthy living and mental well-being around the world 🌱 This opportunity has given me so much in terms of freedom to do whatever I want, earn an income through social media, meet amazing friends and have so much fun! It has completely transformed me as a person, as I have grown in confidence and has transformed my LIFE! and I’m on a mission to help you do the same✨

It’s simple...wanna find out more ? Carry on reading!

The Secret

How I Got My Body Back

I never realised my body was malnourished and by that I don’t mean I wasn’t eating or I was eating too much. I was in a very toxic relationship and didn’t really love myself... when this ended I had to change. Developing a better relationship with food and almost “healing” my gut as well as trying everything to ‘feel’ healthier... I had terrible spots and hair which resembled straw and felt like it too! I went onto the contraceptive pill and gained 14kg. What a state I was in... I done my extensive research as I never put anything into my body which isn’t natural- why would I? I only have one body right? But these products... they honestly worked for me. I want to share my secrets and fave ones here with you!

Premium capsules

I used to struggle with my hormones and had constant spots which I never could get off my face(I realised I only had one video of me, without makeup on... that says something?) I used boots supplements and supplements from Poland to help with skin hair and nails... but nothing helped. I used every skin care brand (which I could afford)- spent so much money for nothing! It was those big spots on the side and small ones on my forehead! I didn’t want to carry on eating loads of drugstore supplements as I knew I was damaging my liver! My hair would fall out in clumps when I brushed it and I had to soak it in expensive oils to flatten it out! Overall I had no energy whatsoever, I felt terrible and wasn’t at my best!🥺😭

When I started the products I saw instant effects in my energy levels. I was up and felt well rested, my body felt good... Trust me when I say; before I was on the products I thought I was healthy, didn’t need to change anything... Now, I sit down and will never ever change being on the capsules. This “wholefood nutrition”, REAL FOOD nutrition, is it... it helped my body from the inside out, by reducing oxidative stress and by acting as antidoxants... which allowed the catalyst effect to help my hair, skin, energy, sleeping pattern, stress levels. EVERYTHING that i needed improving, it targeted...😍

The premium capsules (also available as just fruit and veg , or singular berry capsules) contain 30 different RAW, whole-food fruits veg and berries🤯 The capsules act as antidoxants and are BIO-AVAILABLE which means they absorb on a multi cellular level and your body knows exactly how to use them! #winning I won’t bore you with all the facts... but I will say that this is the most researched nutritional product in the market, with over 27 double blind, independent studies conducted by universities all around the world 🌍🎓

Vegan protein shakes

My struggle with weight and stretch marks started when I went on the contraceptive pill, which made me put on 2.2 stone / 14kg. I continued to struggle with my weight which fluctuated so much!

When I tell you these shakes are everything!🙆🏻‍♀️ I used to drink WHEY protein and bulk powders and I could not get past the taste of cardboard ... not only that I was working out but I wasn’t seeing any improvements, so were they actually fuelling my muscles ? I was sceptical about these as I thought they would be exactly the same! 🧐

Our protein powders are plant based with proteins derived from chick peas, soya, rice- which are all crazy high in biological value! They contain Vitamin A, D, E, C, K, 17 different fruits and veg within, Iron, Fibre, Folate and 18g of high quality protein. Not only that but they taste like a chocolate McDonalds milkshake 🥛😍 They are gluten free, dairy free, vegan and non GMO 🌱 and a massive win for me... and all girlies out there- it does not BLOAT🤯

UPLIFT energy

I’m a student. I go out , come back at 6 in the morning and I’m up for a lecture at 10 in the morning. But I’m UP! I used to never have energy. When my alarm rang I rolled over to the other side and said “nope” ⏰ But university was a time for me to change this! No more missing lectures, no more feeling sluggish.

When I tried the premium capsules that was a massive game changer. But ALSO, let me tell you about our natural energy drink.

Before I got these also I drank so many red bulls to keep me going with all the reading I had to do at uni. The reason the UPLIFT , ‘uplifts’ me is because it is natural energy! The natural energy drink contains loads of B-vitamins, and natural caffeine from the Yerba mate. It does not have any preservatives and only the best nutrients! It contains: Yerba Mate, Mango, Guava, Tart cherry, Beetroot, Lemon Peel🚀 I love these not only because they taste like Fanta fruit twist, but because I don’t have a caffeine crush, they keep my energy levels at peak! As well as keeping me focused with essential b vitamins, they do not have damaging amounts of sugar unlike red bulls and work MAGIC✨ It’s crazy how its our cheapest product...

Omega capsules

Our bodies can’t produce omega essential fatty acids on their own, therefore they have to be consumed 🍴(with our daily diets!).

I didn’t even know how important omegas are for our health 🙏🏼 So it’s not surprising that most people have an omega deficiency! But this is crazy, because the health benefits associated with omegas are NEXT LEVEL....Including; healthy skin, hair, mood, concentration, joints + heart, brain and eye health!

Now I’ve learnt all this 🤓 I use omega supplements daily. Our vegan omegas contain NO FISH OIL 🐠❌ & are made from plants! 🌱They also contain the full spectrum of omega 3, 5, 6, 7 & 9! The best product you’ll find on the market!

My health and my families health is the most important to me... that’s why I’ve got my grandparents, parents on the omega capsules and I sponsor my brother who gets FREE fruit and veg chewables! Can never get enough nutrition 💪🏼