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What do they do?

Our award-winning drinks contain ingredients that benefit your body and mind! These ingredients are shown to help with speeding up your metabolism, improving your mental clarity, suppressing your appetite - so you feel fuller for longer, and not have the need to snack as well as combatting any sugar cravings!These drinks are incredible for reducing bloating, helping with anxiety and boosting your energy every single day!!

They are perfect supplements for a weight loss diet or for those needing a healthier and natural alternative to an energy drink!

All ingredients are 100% natural, contain no laxatives and are not a meal replacement! All are gluten free, non GMO, chemical free and vegan friendly! One is to be taken 30 minutes before your first meal of the day for 6 days consecutively with a days break to then repeat!

Europa Joe

Europa Joe is just one of the three blends of coffee that we have! This coffee is so good it is even enjoyed black by those who would never have their regular coffee without milk! Although it can be enjoyed with milk, with a skinny syrup, iced as a frappé or as a mocha! You can style it however you like and still reap the benefits!

Tropical Blast

The most demanded drink, tropical blast is know for its pina colada taste! It tastes super refreshing as a slushy or just with ice! It tastes SO good that it has people waking up in the morning excited to drink it every day! Think pina colada mocktail but one that is extremely healthy, stops your bloating, helps you to lose weight and gives you more energy to conquer your day!!

Europa Cocoa

Our yummy hot chocolate is the best way to enjoy something sweet without feeling naughty for it!! This is a healthy hot chocolate that still tastes chocolatey and sweet and not like it should be good for you- but it is!! It boosts energy, burns fat and elevates your mood!