I live in my van and travel stress free, while building my future

I'd start off by saying my basic information but let's be honest. Who cares? Let's just get straight to the important details. My name is Jayda, but Call Me Jade and 2020 was the year my entire perspective - my ideals, goals, mindset - changed.

I don't believe in debt or being trapped into today's idea of what a normal life should look like. Secondary school, then Uni, get a career, get married, buy a house, have kids; and in that order! Here's what I heard: Spend years in school and then put yourself in a 30 year debt while you live in the same place for the rest of your life and then dedicate your life to your offspring. It wasn't me.

So, my whole goal is to travel commitment-free to find a state that I can call my home (or hell, maybe even country) and along the way, build homes across the US. Because why be suck in a 30 year mortgage? Then one lucky state gets to be my homebase while the others become vacation homes/rentals so I can have passive income and a luxurious, traveling lifestyle. This is who I am.

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