Hey y'all, I'm Jacalyn!!

I'm excited to meet you!!

I’m 32 years old, and I’ve got three darling kids & a hubby I adore!

Before I started this online adventure, I was buried in Mom life and bills. We were sharing a car for a family of five. I never took time for myself and was constantly worried about everyone else. It was even hard to hold a full time job between our families schedules and needs. I wanted to make an extra income for my family & to save for a car.

One month in I was already making an extra weekly bonus, a monthly commission bonus and able to work part time from my phone through social media!

Since then I've started saving for a second car for my family and I feel so free knowing that I am building a foundation for my family and making room for extra fun for my kids, hubby and for myself!

Equally as important, the friendships I’ve gained and the growth within myself were things I needed so badly... and I didn’t even know it!

I absolutely love what I do! I’ve found drive, passion, and purpose again and wake up excited to help others!

The dream life you desire, you’re meant to have! I want that for you too!

Let’s do this!