Hey there! My name is Jacey β₯

π™½π™΄πš…π™΄πš π™»π™Έπ™Όπ™Έπšƒ πšˆπ™Ύπš„πšπš‚π™΄π™»π™΅

Hey love! Thanks for stopping by :)

If you have come across this application you may already have an idea of what I do!

About 7 months ago, I said YES to becoming a social media influencer! Now don’t get me wrong, I was VERY skeptical and afraid to fail. Little did I know that this business would change my life in SO many ways!

I am a newlywed, a full-time college student (currently working towards my master’s degree!), a full-time behavior therapist for individuals with autism and other disabilities, and a fur mom of 4! I started this business hoping to make an extra $200 a month to help alleviate the stress of bills each month, while also starting a savings account.

Before I joined this business, I was on medical leave for about 6 months from my teacher profession. I was trying to figure out how I was going to pay my bills each month. The medical bills were piling up, with no income coming in. I am grateful that I had my wife and my mother to help me pay my bills, all while trying to figure out what was going on with my health. It definitely wasn’t easy, I felt completely lost. Once I was able to work again, I found a new job, but I was so miserable. I felt overworked and emotionally drained. I NEEDED a change.

Then, this business opportunity was presented to me! The hardest part about this business was making the decision to jump in! But once I did, I hit the ground running! Because of this business, I have been able to pay off debt, start a savings account, pay for my school tuition, pay for groceries, fill my gas tank up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME, make spontaneous purchases, pay for trips, and SO much more!

Although I lead a busy life and have a lot on my plate, this business is SO flexible.
This business allows me to be my own boss. I can work wherever I want, whenever I want and make money simply from my phone!

Did I mention that I was my own boss? Haha!

Whether you are looking to replace your full time job or start a side hustle to make an extra income, this opportunity is for you!

We all have big dreams! I am ready to help you turn your dreams into a reality!

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