How our candles are made

We are committed to using the best materials available. Our candles are made with a 100% Soy Wax and they are hand poured. The materials used include cotton wicks and zinc free wick tabs & the lovely glass jars are reuseable.

Spring Collection

Bath Salts

Relieve the stresses of everyday life. Relax your muscle and mind with this luxurious blend.

Only a few scoops per bath is sufficient to experience positive effects from our bath salts. We recommend filling up an organza bag for easy clean up.

Candle Making

Making Soy Candles is both calming and satisfying. The art of candle making needs attention to detail and accuracy. Our favorite part is waiting for the candles to cure after pouring. Turning from a bright golden to a creamy white color. Truly satisfying!

More Bath Salts!

Yay, more Bath Salts!

This jar contains more bath salts! We thought about you. You can get a few more bath soaks with this 16 oz jar. Always happy to be able to answer your requests.

Hand made just for you

Introducing our newly created vessels by our local artisan, Marie-Eve

Handsoap & Candles & Bathsalts & Luxurious Hand Cream

Introducing @blissboutiqueskincare. A collaboration made in heaven! A wonderful bundle of handmade products for that special someone