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Okay Jackie.... WHAT THE HECK IS 3 STEP?! Well, girl, I’m glad you asked! Because 3 step was the start of it ALL. We’re an all natural premium grade nutrition company, and here at LeVel our main product is what we call our 3 step experience nutritional system. Our products are non toxic, non gmo, gluten free✌🏼 Our 3 step contains: —Step 1; Lifestyle capsules AKA human jumper cables, they wake you up almost instantly and flood your system with 12 vitamins & minerals. They have all natural caffeine, immune support, and help with weight management. Hands down my FAVORITE part of our 3 step! They come in women’s OR men’s. The only difference is that the men’s have 50mg of caffeine V. 40mg of caffeine in the women’s! —Step 2; Lifestyle mix, our shakes are super finely milled — ultra micronized nutrition. They come in 6 bomb flavors with absolutely ZERO gross texture or graininess! They work to curb appetite for 4-6 hours, help in weight management, and give you all day energy! With 15G of protein, 1500mg of superfoods, 22 vitamins and minerals, and enzymes for digestive health they’re basically the BOMB! —Step 3; The worlds FIRST & ONLY wearable DFT nutrition patches. We have a few different kind of DFT wearable nutrition, and all of which can be customized for your overall preferred goals. They work to fill your bodies specific nutritional gaps, increase energy, and support mood stability. We have DFTs for: weight loss, building lean muscle, gaining healthy weight, increased energy, decreased anxiety, migraine prevention etc! Feel free to take my FREE wellness consult! I can match you up with the perfect system for your preferred goals! @jackiewidmer90

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