About me

My gaming journey of

I started playing video games when I was six years old, I started out with sharing a ps4 with my brother. I very rarely got to play but whenever I did I was supper happy I usual played madden 16 and got demolished by my brother and his friend. Then fast forward one year we had moved, I had mixed emotions but one thing that made me happy was that me and my brother we’re going to share a room together that meant I got to use the ps4 a lot more! I probably used it more then he did because he had sports and school to worry about, but I only had school. Fast forward to 2018 ,Christmas, I got a ps4 as Christmas gift I was so happy, first thing I did was download fortnite. I got my first win on February, 16,2018 (pictured above) this is when I thought I was so good but boy...I was wrong. Fast forward one last time to three months ago when the COVID pandemic first hit I was stuck inside with hardly anything to do I thought about playing videos games to entertain people and so I’m currently working on making fun and entertaining content on my instagram, YouTube, and twitch!