Happy Birthday

My Sleeping Cutie

10/11/20 3:59PM

I miss you so much

Please accept my apology

As you may already know, so many things are bothering these days. For one, I am truly sorry if I played a role in you being down for weeks. I guess we just can’t keep our guards up forever. Gaps will appear and when they do, it is absolutely draining — you become restless and anxious. The thing that probably makes all else better is knowing you have people who will stand in the gap for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for support and to be defenseless if necessary. Like when everything hurts, I hope you know that you are welcome to cry in my arms. You will never need to pretend when it’s me. I might never know who you were before we met, but I am with you now, and I put all my faith in the man that you’ve become. I will never make you feel like you have to change yourself again. I will celebrate you, your life, all your wins and efforts to the best I can, because you are deserving and will always be respected.

This is basically me saying that no matter what, if you ask me to stand in the gap for you, I’ll come running. Always.

Just look at you!

You’re one hell of a man! I am so proud and grateful to have such a special and talented person come into my life. I couldn’t be more certain that you’re the best reason I have to braving this godforsaken pandemic.