About me

For the love of lemons 🍋

Spanning a decade long background in Emergency medicine, I transitioned into a Women’s health focus when I discovered my love of learning in all things reproductive health.

I hold both a Master in Women’s Health Medicine and a Master in Reproductive Medicine/Endocrinology, my particular areas of interest and expertise are in Sexual health and Contraception. I am currently studying Clinical Sexology with a major in forensic sexology and psychosexual therapy and it is my journey over the past 16 years of University education that has cemented me into this field feeling I have truly found my calling.

I believe everyone has the right to a healthy , informed , educated and abundant sex life; where individuals feel comfortable and confident to explore and celebrate their sexuality and can express their desires without stigma or bias.

Sexual Health really is just every day Health- i love to teach everything from sexually transmitted infections , do Q&As, product reviews , common health condition overviews like menopause or endometriosis, physical training and your cycle etc, you name it !! - If I’m not posting aesthetically pleasing photography of sex education you’re more likely to follow me for my UFC but that’s a whole different kettle of fish 🙈... So don’t be shy , say hello and for the love of lemons let’s de stigmatise Sexual health 💕💫
DM for queries.

Watch this space for private sex counselling coming 2023