About Coach Jaclyn

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Hey there, friend!

I’m Coach Jaclyn, a financial coach with Fiscal Fitness: a Phoenix-based company that offers financial coaching to our clients all over the country - and the world! I’m also a proud wifey and dog mama, a Rubik’s cube solver, a piano player, potentially the biggest nerd you will ever meet, a Disney princess (or at least I want to be), an Enneagram type 3, and a Christian.

I don’t believe that managing your money is a one-size-fits-all approach, no matter what the celebrity experts and financial gurus preach. I think there is SO much more to your spending and saving habits than just dollars and cents, addition and subtraction. Money is more psychology than spreadsheets! I don’t think you have to live on rice and beans, never go out to eat, or even skip your lattes, to be financially successful. As a coach, I know that too much restriction is never a good thing. I believe in taking vacations, in spending money on the things you value, and on making great progress on your money goals all at the same time. And I’d love to help you unpack your own habits with money and build the ones I know you’ll need to be successful with whatever financial goals you’re wanting to accomplish!

Please feel free to slide into my DMs and say hi! I am on a mission to take the stress out of money for as many people as possible, and I would love the chance to meet you!

At Fiscal Fitness, we believe that you can plan ahead with your money. In fact, we can help you make a plan, get ahead, and spend with confidence. But until you make that decision to hire us, we’ve got you covered with plenty of free resources that can help you move the needle financially. Check them out by tapping on the right arrow!

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