Detoxify the body. Empower the mind. Heal the soul.

My name is Jacqueline Yeats. I am a mother, a yoga teacher, and a qualified holistic wellness coach helping people just like you live their life to the fullest potential.

I am so glad you’ve found yourself here.

They say if you follow your passion, it will lead you to your purpose in life. That to me cannot ring more true - because unbeknownst to me, every piece of my life puzzle has led me to exactly where I need to be today. Writing this for you.

My story

My story began eleven years ago with helping others in the counseling and wellness space - I suppose you could say it was deep-seated in my DNA. I found a profound sense of purpose in guiding others to find comfort, happiness and contentment, but it wasn’t until I had my beautiful daughter in 2013, I realised just how life-changing those skills would be for myself.

A rollercoaster of health challenges arose from my pregnancy, including hyperemesis gravidarum (chronic vomiting, weight loss and dehydration), antenatal anxiety, where I almost lost my daughter, and postnatal depression once she had arrived. The place I found myself in was one I had only ever been on the receiving end of, and it was terrifying.

Thankfully, through my own self-awareness and work exposure, I knew that I needed help. I was on a mission to reclaim my health, clear my mind and change my outlook, and I knew traditional medicines weren’t going to cut it for the long-term.

The concept of holistic wellness and mindfulness truly healed me, changed my life and saved my relationships. And I knew too, that it can shine the light for others. With a utter fascination about our inner ability to heal, the journey that followed saw me become an eternal student to learning, researching and studying more about the concept from a scientific perspective.

The “Why”

The idea of wellness is not static. It is a dynamic journey that cultivates the balance between looking after our physical self, empowering our mind, and healing ourselves spiritually.

It is a lifestyle. And when practiced habitually, it triggers a different way of thinking. A better way of thinking.

Whether you’re consumed by a demanding career, the stresses of juggling family life, or are simply looking to centre in, reconnect, and feel more empowered, my programs blend science with mindfulness and spirituality to offer you a holistic approach to finding your peace, your purpose, and take back control of your life.

The truth is, no life will ever be perfect or free from the emotional collective of everyday woes. But you do have the power to strengthen the way in which you counter and endure.

I truly believe you have it in you to achieve a life of essential peace, in permanency. I cannot wait to help you get there, and I cannot wait to meet you.

J x

My Education and Experience:
● Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy (with my research component based on Mindfulness as a treatment for Anxiety and Depression), Bond University, QLD
● Bachelors of Psychology and Behaviour Management, Bond University, QLD
● Advanced Diploma in Meaning Centred Therapy (Logotherapy), Life Change Therapy, QLD (currently completing)
● Certificate of Health Coaching, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York, United States of America
● Diploma of Counselling, TAFE, QLD
● Diploma of Community Welfare, Gold Coast TAFE, QLD
● Diploma of Youth Work, TAFE, QLD
● Diploma of Community Management, TAFE, QLD
● Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training, with Peace Yoga, Burleigh Heads, QLD
● I also have also completed other trainings in Mindfulness, Grief and Loss, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Yin Yoga, Life Force Yoga (yoga for depression and anxiety), Palliative Care, and Journey Work (Brandon Bays)

Work With Me

​"Wellness is not a 'medical fix' but a way of living - a lifestyle sensitive and responsive to all the dimensions of body, mind, and spirit, an approach to life we each design to achieve our highest potential for well-being now and forever." - Greg Anderson​

Where you are on your journey is not akin to anyone else, so I use a truly holistic approach to meet you where you are.

Through my 1:1 coaching I combine my aptitude for and background in psychology, behavioural management, yoga, health coaching and counselling to bring you into the now, and beyond.

Through a series of mindfulness exercises, wellness mentoring and yoga practices, we’ll see us looking into every facet of your physical, mental and spiritual wholebeing.

What to expect.

Our one-on-one coaching sessions will be your entryway to understanding, and living, the most fulfilling life imaginable for yourself.

Through our time together, I’ll grasp who you are in your entirety: including your fears, triggers and self-limiting beliefs, as well as physically, with diet, exercise and sleep patterns, to forge a a plenary strategy that will have you guiding your life in a way that feels controlled and gratifying... finally.

We’ll focus heavily on positive psychology, strength-based counselling, as well as grounding mindfulness techniques that will empower you to master self-awareness and self-healing. These practices will not only help you adapt - but they’ll arm you with the fundamental lifestyle changes that will endure for years to come.

These sessions are designed for those willing to open their mind, let go of pre-existing beliefs, and empower their journey towards wellness - mind, body and spirit.

In our one-on-one coaching session we will uncover how to:
● Cultivate mindfulness - Support your ability to release stress, anxiety and depression symptoms.
● Eliminate the stresses - Get clear on what is and isn’t working for you in your daily life and health habits and make changes for the better.
● Find clarity - Build a clear roadmap on how to navigate through roadblocks.
● Find peace - Cultivate a deeper sense of peace, purpose and meaning in your life.
● Harness energy - Increase your levels of energy and focus through a few key exercises.
● Empower yourself - Learn to make the changes that’ll make a real difference.
● Learn your values - Accept and honour yourself as you are today, and build a life from your values
● Self-worth - Find a sense of worth and value in your own life.
● Change your life - Set yourself on the path to live your life to your fullest potential.

To book, contact me directly by sending me a DM. (If you are feeling unsure, and would like to ensure we are best suited before confirming a booking we can have a free 15 minute chat)

$160.00 per hour session or 3 sessions for $429 (10% off)


Holistic wellness is the overall calibration of every powerful force working within us as human beings. These elements are manifested in the forms of mind, body and spirit, intertwining harmoniously to nourish both the things we see and the things we feel.

In our modern lives, ripe with worry and flurry, these energies are often met with challenges, which can trigger misalignment. Once imbalanced, the ripple effect begins. We exist to give you the tools to ignite the healing process yourself; allowing you to detoxify your body, empower your mind and heal your soul so that you are able to move through life, whatever it may challenge you with, contentedly.

I believe in… ​​​​

The neuroscience of mindfulness

By fusing neuroscience with positive psychology, meditation, yoga, and wellbeing rituals, we’ll incorporate an evidence-based approach to holistic wellness into your everyday life, helping you to become happier, healthier, and more fulfilled through the art of mindfulness.

Creating a ripple effect of positive change

How we feel internally flows into every aspect of our life - our health, our work, our relationships, and our view on the world. By helping you achieve inner peace and become more mindful, it is our hope that not only will you find stillness in your being - but that you are able to trigger a ripple effect of positive change to the lives that you touch in your day.
Having a mindful ritual​

Mindfulness rituals not only help to centre us when we feel out of control or consumed in the day-the-day noise of modern life. They also have the power to ignite our inner creativity, enhance our physical and mental wellbeing, and shift limiting beliefs, which all collectively contribute to our overall happiness.


Mindfulness and Yoga for Children (3-10)

Our one (1) hour Mindfulness and Yoga for Children Classes are designed to clear and empower young minds, and provide each child with the focused learnings, confidence, healthy curiosity, and knowledge to navigate their day-to-day with love, positivity, and joy.
In this class, we will cover:

Through connection and reflection exercises, we’ll help them forge more meaningful associations with events, people and their own emotions;

Fun on the mat! We’ll improve strength, balance and coordination - all elements for a healthy core, inside and outside - through easy poses they’ll want to try again at home.

In a calming and gentle Zen Walk meditation, we’ll ignite their inner creativity, self-expression and curiosity and reinforce the positive benefits of being in nature;

Through breathing, meditation, and gratitude practices, every child’s focus will pivot inward, teaching them calm and stillness during feelings of fear, frustration and anger.

Why Yoga for Children?

Yoga not only builds healthy minds for learning and development, but it provides each child with a positive worldview. That the world is a place of wonder. That happiness and harmony can be found when you just breathe. And that when you find calm and see the light side of life, you feel happier, more joy, and better equipped to cope with the stresses of each day.

Other benefits include:

A healthier mind for learning and development.
Heightened self-awareness, body-awareness, mindfulness and focus.
Techniques for better self-control and the skill to harmonise, help others and the environment.
Empowered and responsible for their own self-development.
Authentic connections with other like-minded children.
Compassion for themselves and others.
Strengthened emotional intelligence.
Confidence in their self-image.
The skill to look at things from different perspectives.
A healthy alternative over the constant attachment to electronic devices.
Confidence in their new mindful practice, and the ability to practice their new Yoga techniques anywhere.

All classes are hosted by Jacqueline Yeats in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast.
Please note all of our classes are currently full. Please contact us via the contact page to go on the waitlist through our kids page link below.