Get to know me!

Hey guys!

I’m Jackie- a 31 year old registered nurse and newlywed, married to my hero. Fire wives can understand this! As a registered nurse I’m just recently transitioning into the intense care world. Before becoming a nurse I dabbled in just about every type of young persons jobs until I found my calling. I’ve been a nurse now for about 5 years.

Earlier this year I jumped at a big opportunity and began teaching others about clinically backed, nontoxic+ anti-aging beauty.

For the last six months I’ve experienced personal growth through this opportunity in ways that I didn’t know existed. I’ve been able to delve further into self reflection, team building, and leadership through this business of boss babes

I’ve now gotten to meet, work with, guide and collaborate with women and men all over the world (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Poland + Ireland). Fellow nurses, teachers, moms, dads, business owners, Hairstylists, makeup artists, police officers- you name it there’s someone on our team that does it!

If you’ve found yourself on this page and you’ve read this far and you’re interested in working with me- you can feel free to apply on the next page!

You can also click to the next page to see what the hype is all about for these award winning, clinically backed beauty products!

I have a new found love for meeting people and getting to know them through conversations and “virtual” coffee dates! Feel free to say hey!