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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Hello gorgeous , im so delighted to meet you , and cant wait to talk with you more. here's a little bit behind my story.

Im from a small Town in Virginia, I was a drop out , but once I knew I needed my education I enrolled back and graduated, A few years later I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, I know as a mother working hard and giving your baby the best life to possibly live and spending quality time is always a must , but as everyone knows you typically always put your need over you wants ,i constantly over worked myself picked up hours and extra days to make ends meet , after a while I knew thats not the life I wanted to live. I wanted more time home to spend with my daughter, be able to travel and explore the world and to make memories. So I took the full leap and make the dession to change my life and many others , And now im living my best life and I know you can to. D A R E T O D R E A M
=> I did i took a leap of faith invested in myself , For once in my life i can push my doubts and what ifs and start making those " what ifs " into Reality, Dream big and never stop making your dreams come true.Yes the fear of the unknown is by far the scariest , I did it and i know you can as well i hope to here from you soon and remember your beautiful inside and out .
Let's make this change T O G E T H E R !
Xoxo Jacqui ♡

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