About Me

Your story is unique!

Hi, I'm Jacqui and I've spent a lifetime performing and being in front of a camera.

I've been acting on screen and television professionally for almost 10 years and have had my fair share of ups and downs.

I am fully versed in feeling awkward on camera, being judged by others and not wanting to show up some days but I also have worked on the mindset component to help me navigate all the BS that comes with being on show.

Let's work together so I can get YOU to a place of comfort and confidence in front of the camera to showcase YOU and your business

Let's work together

Your Confidence Personal Trainer

I get it, video can be hard!

I don't know what to say!
I hate the way I look on camera!
I feel so awkward!
People will judge me!
No one will watch it anyway so why bother?!

I promise you, we'll work on all of the above and more. I'll also promise you that you're going to get uncomfortable before you get comfortable but that is the biggest sign of growth so let's grow your confidence.

I want you to think of videos as just another way you talk to your ideal customer. Just one, not all of them. When that ideal customer hears you solve a problem for them or believes that you are talking directly to them, they're not going to care what you look like or how amazing your video may or may not look, they're just going to want whatever you're putting down so let's give it to them!