What’s behind Bliss (and who!)

Hello, and welcome to Bliss! Chances are, if you’ve made your way here, you’ve probably seen the Instagram page or listened to the podcast. But maybe you’re new! Regardless, I would love to break it all down!

My name is Jada Chapman, and I’m the “founder” I guess you could say of Bliss and everything affiliated (such as the Art of Bliss podcast!). Currently, I live in southern IN, but you’ll find me in Louisville, KY quite a bit as well as Woodland Park, CO. I started this ministry in the fall of 2020 as a way to share joy and practical tips to live in it with teen girls and young women. Everything I do here is CHRIST CENTERED, because I firmly believe that no one (even the annoyingly always happy person) can be truly joyful and satisfied without a firm relationship with Christ and an understanding of the Gospel.

Right now, Bliss operates solely on Instagram and through the Art of Bliss podcast, but God has placed quite a bit on my heart that I’m working on behind the scenes and know will come to pass some day!

When I’m not doing Bliss related things, you can find me:
-working towards a degree through Liberty University online
-working at Starlight Coffee Co.
-traveling!! Especially to CO
-serving at Covenant Life Church
-playing piano, guitar, and singing
-spending time with the God of the universe
-doing weird artsy stuff like playing with fashion and making collages

-Instagram: @blissful.jada
-Podcast: the Art of Bliss (on all major platforms, including Spotify)
-Twitter: @theart_of_bliss