We are not the ordinary.
We are not the expected.
We are not the clichéd.
We are JADED.

The idea behind this publication began with realization that there are many glamour/beauty/fashion magazines & outlets that already do what they do extremely well, but few to give voice to those creatives who are marginalized, stifled, or censored by the general public & social outlets, due to their works not fitting into the molds of standardized, traditionally accepted societal norms.

Jaded Magazine is an alternative/indie based, quarterly publication that is available in both print & digital formats. The magazine places a high priority on the artistic value of the work we accept. Our focus is on producing a visual anthology project consisting of an avant-garde, fine-art aesthetic concentrating on creativity & unusual/artistic work featuring art-erotica, sensualism, artistic-fetish, art-nudes, & surrealistic-erotica, that has conceptual, atmospheric/moody, experimental qualities.

Our goal is providing a tangible representation of this type of work in an archival, "hand-held" gallery/exhibition format, in which creators can be proud of participating, displaying, & sharing with others.

We believe that social media platforms are transient in nature, & stress the importance of creative projects in which creators are not at the mercy & constraints of digital platforms. It is our belief that for the posterity of art, a physical outlet, presence, & voice for those who are taking chances with their vision, but who are regularly ostracized or overlooked in favor of the mainstream “comforts” of the commonplace is imperative.


Always find the link to purchase our most current issue here.

Current issue: Vol.1 No.9 Books 1-3, PLUS the COLLECTED EDITION




• All sets must be between 3 to 15 images.

• We prefer images that have NOT been previously published. We also prefer images & sets that have not been shared publicly on social media, but are willing to make exceptions for both depending on the work.

• Images MUST NOT be watermarked.

• Image resolution MUST be 300 DPI/PPI for printing purposes.

• Please use a file transfer service such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive etc., with a link to your images in your email submission.

• Upon acceptance of a submission, a "print release form" will soon thereafter be provided to the creator, which grants us permission to use the work. Submissions without a completed release form returned to us upon request CAN NOT & WILL NOT be published.

• We credit the work in publication exactly how it has been credited in the release forms that are returned to us. Please fill them out carefully & fully.

• Please note that we do not charge a submission fee, nor do we "sell" cover spots or "priority features". Like most publications, we do not pay for sets, nor do we provide free copies of the magazine. ZERO EXCEPTIONS. Each set & cover are chosen strictly on their own merit.

• We do provide to contributors tear-sheets of the pages in the magazine that feature their work.

• Read our Q&A page if you have further questions.


Q: Is there a submission fee/do I have to pay to submit?
A: Absolutely not.

Q. Can I pay for a feature/to be on a cover/for priority features?
A. No. Unlike some publications, we do not believe in a "pay to play" strategy. Features & cover images will always be judged on the merit of the work itself, with no payment from the contributor.

Q: Do I get paid for submitting?
A: Like most publications, the answer unfortunately is no.

Q: Do we get a discount on the magazine/a free copy if we are published?
A: See previous answer. The vast majority of the cost paid by those who purchase the magazines goes directly to the printer for physical printing & distribution costs. The little that is left over after publishing cost, goes toward covering our labor & expenses to actually produce the magazine. This basically means the magazine is produced by us as a labor of love. If we were to offer payment, free issues, or discounts, there would not be enough left over to cover the cost of creating a magazine.

Q: Do you provide tear-sheets?
A: Yes. You will ALWAYS recieve the copies of the pages that your work is featured on so that you can share them. Tear-sheets are available upon request... usually within a day or two after publication.

Q: Does your magazine offer advertising space?
A: Yes, to offset some of our time & expense... Though the space available is EXTREMELY limited Please contact us through email for details.

Q: Do you accept nude work?
A: We do. We try not to censor what art we feature in the magazine, as that is counterintuitive to its purpose, & the purpose of freedom of artistic expression. That being said, while artfully executed full nudity, open leg shots, & visible genitals are fine, any overly explicit images may have to be considered on a "shot by shot" basis due to publishing restrictions. If you have an image that is questionable, DM us on IG & we'll try to advise you as best as possible.

Q: Do you accept male models?
A: Yes we do, and we would love to see more work featuring them that fits the style of our magazine.

Q: Does the work have to be previously unshared or unpublished?
A: We are REALLY trying to avoid using work that is already "out there" in other magazines (especially recent ones). We do make consideration for work that has only be shared online. If you have questions, please contact us.

Q: What do you consider as a set of images for submission?
A: A set of images are typically images that are all taken during the same shoot, with the same wardrobe (or lack thereof) & look, featuring the same model/s, & edited in the same style/look/color-scheme. This is not a hard rule, because a set can also be a series of images shot and/or processed with a cohesive theme, but coherency is important when presenting art in any format. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Q: Can I submit photos taken with my phone, or selfies?
A: We normally avoid standard selfies unless they are very artistically executed. We encourage everyone to please use a professional photographer. We ONLY accept images that are 300 DPI/PPI for printing purposes. If experimental types of images are taken with a phone, or other lower resolution device, then they will need to be resized & edited in a professional manner before we will consider the submission.

Q: Do you only feature photography? Will you feature my painting/drawings/sculpture/band/etc?
A: We are always testing the waters to see what resonates with our audience. As we have progressed, we have introduced other artistic forms into the magazine on a limited basis, but as we are a visual anthology magazine, for now we are focused primarily on photographic imagery & visual arts. Our format does not currently feature biographies, "write-ups", or articles.

Q: My submission was rejected. Why?
A: There are several possibilities. Don't take it personally. It could be that the work doesn't fit the style of the publication. This is foremost an art-based magazine with a stated focus, & therefore not all pin-up, boudoir, glamour, beauty-portrait, or street shots fit the concept of the publication, even if they are beautifully executed. Our IG account regularly shares not only work that we have published, but also work of others with the style/quality of imagery we are focused on. Please review it. Work may also be rejected on the basis of quality.

Q: Do I have to get my work in during the open-submission period?
A: Yes. We only publish quarterly (for now). Work that arrives significantly before open submissions is hard to keep track of, & we don't want your set getting lost in the shuffle. Once submissions are closed we begin layout. Work after this period cannot be accepted. as layout decisions & space limitations have already been considered.

Q: How many submissions do you normally get/put in one book?
A: It varies. We have roughly 6-10 spots for submissions that we can accept per issue to keep the size of the magazine standard & keep the production/purchase cost affordable. Unlike many publications, we work towards featuring as many images from each submission as we can, so that creators have a valid outlet to have the majority of their work ACTUALLY SEEN! WE WANT TO SHOWCASE YOUR WORK, not just cram as many people into one issue as possible! If we recieve enough acceptable submissions during one period, we will split the issue into separate books & run two or more covers, but never count on that. If you're concerned with securing a spot in the issue, submit early during the open-submission period.

Q: Do I need to fill out a release?
A: Yes. All submissions MUST have a release signed by the owner of the images (usually the photographer) & returned to us prior publication, or the set will be cut from the magazine.