Sat Nam, Welcome to my pages

I’m Jade – a kundalini yoga guide energy artist & superfood lover.

My Kundalini energy practice Is foundational to all I do

Its my privilege to share with you the ancient art of kundalini technology in a fresh way for our new era.

What ever your moving through there is kundalini kirya for it all..

From cleansing the body of traumas Abundance activations to purification of the mind body in order to liberate your truest potential with sets such as awakening the 10 bodies yes we have 10!

Im here to you deepen your peace so you may amplify your magic

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Activating and awakening kundalini will give rise to your clearest creative potency and power, as your mind, body Spirit expands

What on earth is a Kiryas you say?

A kirya is a kundalini yoga sequence that has a very specific Invocational response that will attunes you to the rhythms of your body and your true nature to heal and transform

What's more when you begin to awaken kundalini it will align you to the connect with the cosmos itself

So um Yea not reeeealy your typical kind of yoga..

Best of all your are not required to be flexible or nor should you need to be advanced to start

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Sat nam
With love


Hope to see you soon

My Journey

I began yoga at age 20 in 2002 in a traditional Hatha Studio in Bondi beach.

My love for yoga bloomed, becoming a grounding force while studying design in addition to a full on Sydney lifestyle ; working various freelance roles in design and body therapy

In these years I have transitioned through all yoga lineages.

Yet none in my years of practice has impacted me as much as Kundalini did, and still does.

Its energy is to be revered or once intergrated- channeled into your creative ventures brings about a higher creative flow and clarity to all of you endeavour

Ive traveled and lived in various communities, cultures & locations.
including Australia, Thailand, Spain and Japan

My lifelong journey and fascination in the healing arts led me to Japan, where I was able to immerse myself in my love for the shinto culture, ancient wisdom and ritual. While living inside the awe-inspiring juxtaposition of futurist culture

There I had the pleasure of co-creating modern urban wellness centers
Eventually,.. I felt the pull to return to New Zealand where my journey continues in a truly sublime landscape and community that inspires, energizes, and sustains me.

Firstly I am an empath so highly sensitive to reading energy so so what introverted aswell loving people so kind of an extrovert.
50/50 let's say

At last count I have helped thousands of people as intergrative wellness practitioner.
Drawing apon many heath sciences and healing modalities which have became effortless when your an Intutive channel

I’m fascinated by how the intersection of Kundalini Yoga with purification principles Transforms a person

Providing a great source of vitality and tangible energetic expansion, peae and connection

Ever since since experiencing the phenomenal effects of kundalini awakening and the continued risings through out my personal practical

I do my best to followed my heart in commitment to a life of greater freedom and faith

Where I may seamlessly amalgamate my passions and serve others, as a multidimensional coach and online wellness entrepreneur

From my heart to yours
Sat nam


I AM KNOWN FOR: My grounded, relaxed, and accessible teaching style

PEOPLE OFTEN SAY: My classes feel perfectly attuned to meeting them in that moment of synchronisation to exactly what they needed to transfer

MY KUNDALINI SESSIONS : Serve to liberate your higher self, soul power to first heal then empower, by utilizing the vast and sacred techniques of kundalini Breathwork kiryas mudra and sound science. (Mantra) practices

MY THETA SESSIONS : I started channelling and reading for people at age 14
before I even completed any of my qualifications and modalities of study

MY CLIENTS : are never short of being up leveled. It's a journey..


6 years in Natural health Sciences
Nutritional medicine
Natropathic medicine
Nlp-Nuro change
Theta Healing
Energy healing
The art of aspire Coaching
Chakra balancing
Kundalini yoga
Inclusive of meditation and breathwork
Reiki remote energy Healings
Iridoligy - eye reading
Holistic health coaching
Intutive challened readings, for optimal health and resolving any blocks or conflictions
interwoven principles of Chinese and Ayuvedic