Activate Elevate Awaken your true power

Sat nam, Hello I'm am Jade,

A Kundalini activation guide and transformation Coach.

I am so glad your here,

Please find your way through to my list of offerings, latest events and programmes

As an intergrative empowerment coach
I facilitate the ancient arts of Kundalini
In addition I support my clients as a holistic cleansing specialist
And rapid transformation Coach.

Its delicate, its rapid, its deep and most importantly it works
you are to shift. -not mildly but the most effective on the planet

The way you always needed
Internally, Externally, Exponentially
I apply a refined set of formulas
And rapid hypnosis method's to clear out the crsp and align you more directly to your highest potential as now.

Making the subconscious > concious

Then anchor in your most desired state of being.
Your highest version of self, to becoming manifest from newly Inspired action

Mind, body, business & soul.

If your here for kundalini yoga welcome into a private class or book to join a group session.

if your here to dive straight into a transformation activation with me

Then please follow the complimentary bookings link below,

So we can chat for real and discover more. Becuase this isn't about me.

it's about you,
Shall we begin

What are your 3 biggest blocks to achieving your dreamed Life?
A negative pattern you are aware of on repeat
A self sabotage your aware of
A Self limiting belief

That all conflict with what you really desire to have do or be?

My latest online 3 day global event  —

3 days of magic and manifesting. Join myself and 12 other amazing heart lead concious coaches of the world. Each bringing their own form of potent alchemy for you to grow your soul lead business starts mid August

To find out more please find the link below to join

A two week mini Kundalini awakening challenge.

Join. My Awakening the 10 bodies a Kundalini yoga challenge
Includes a mini masterclass on what each spiritual bodies represent within kundalini wisdom.

Your very own tantric life path reading is sent out to everybody that's registers so you may identity which kundalini body you are here to balance and activate
Meeting over zoom. We begin the awakening the 10 body set from gentle to aerobic Building in intensity

1st week
Tue: 40mins of yoga
Wed : 40min of yoga
Thur: 60mins of yoga

2nd week
Tue: 40mins of yoga
Wed: 40min of yoga
Thur: 60mins of yoga

I promise you won't be the same after this acivation. You will leave feeling refreshed and revitalised

3 mornings per week online from your home and phone

With replays available inside this online mini program.
Starting straight after the school. Holidays on the 27th of July the last day to register will be the 25th. No exceptions.
As time is required for the Tantric body readings to be all sent out

Join Awakening the 10 bodies 2 week challenge

Starts the 3rd-12th August with 6x Kundalini lives sessions per week building in intensity. Replays sent via email