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My name is Jade and I love everything skincare, fashion and lifestyle tips and/or ideas. Living in a fairytale modern romance aesthetic.


Fashion Trends

These are my favorite fashion trends to this day, hope it strikes up ideas for you.

Crop Tops

Crop Tops are a staple in my closet. Not only are they perfect for spring/summer, you can also wear them in the fall/winter over a body suit for a fashion statement.

Dainty Princess Dresses

Not only is this trend super cute, it makes you feel like a little princess. Even when you want to be lazy and not put much effort into it you’ll still look like you put effort in.

High Waisted/Mom Jeans

Perfect clothing item for all seasons. Even better with crop tops!

Puff Sleeves

Gives you a girly look with low effort and breathable arms for those hot summers.

Trench Coats

Gives a little extra fashionable statement.


I love sweaters so much, half of my tops are sweaters. Perfect for those cute cold weather pictures and for a cozy yet stylish outfit.


Spring Fashion Ideas

Having a hard time knowing what to wear this Spring? Well I got you covered here’s some ideas for this new season upon us.


Spring pattern dresses are perfect for this season🌸


Maxi skirts or any other skirts are such a cute outfit clothing piece.

Crop Tops

Long sleeve crop tops are perfect for the warm days and cool nights.

Neutral Trench Coats

Keeps you warm and stylish.

High Waisted Crop Jeans

Let’s be honest pants are a staple for every outfit☺️


Eco kitchen swaps

Celebrate our Earth by switching some things in your kitchen to better our Earth 🌎

Reusable paper towels> paper towels

Everyone uses about 2 rolls a week and spends almost $200 worth of paper towels a year! These ones only cost $30 and if you buy 2 of those that’s only $60 and they last about 5 years! Which means you spend $60 in 5 years with reusable and over $900 in 5 years with paper. Saving money and the planet, win win!

Eco washing sponge> regular sponge

Using regular ones takes over 50,000 years to decompose. People spend about $100-200 a year on something that falls apart fast and takes forever to decompose. With these ones you only pay $10 that last longer than a year.

Reusable Wraps> plastic ones

People spend around $90 a year on something they just throw away. With this one you’ll only be spending $12 a year. Save your money and your ocean by replacing plastic one time use to ones that last.

Silicone Lids> plastic wraps

Its just better let’s leave it at that haha

Reusable Food storage> plastic bags

People spend $60 a year on plastic ziplock bags using over 500 a year. Using these reusable ones you only spend $15 and last longer than a few years. Stop constantly buying plastic baggies and start saving with reusable dish washer safe ones that will last you 10x longer than the plastic.

Make your own soap> buying plastic bottle ones

Make your own dish soap, produce wash and hand soap. There are so many easy cheap diy soaps that don’t cost much and makes a lot of it for you. Get a reusable glass bottle and start washing!) These ones are more my style but you can find ones that are less money and more your style(:


Summer Essentials

• These are my everyday summer items •

Sunscreen -

Sunscreen is so important not only in the summer but all year round. The UV rays are so harsh on your skin and you want to protect it. My all time favorite sunscreen is Sun Bum. You want 30 or higher for sunscreen and I love that they have 50 for extra protection.

Vitamin C -

We all need vitamin c in our lives. While we protect our skin from the sun that gives us vitamin c we can always add it in another way, for me I use vitamin c serum every morning and night but only in the mornings when I use retinol that night. Your skin will thank you for protecting it but still giving it what it needs. This is the one I use-

Aloe Vera -

Aloe Vera! Oh my god this stuff is my absolute favorite! I use it to calm my skin from the sun, reduce redness, cool my skin down when it’s a hot day and as a moisturizer in the warmer months. Lightweight, easy to rub in and moisturizing. Definitely recommend adding this to your bathroom essentials. This is the one I use-

Deodorant -

I love using natural clean ingredients. I’ve been loving this one from Tom’s of Maine. I’m currently using their unscented since the lavender one was out. They are both great but I definitely love the lavender. I like having a deodorant that smells good and you know you smell good.

Supplement Vitamin D3 -

This one is vegan and uses plant based lichen. I’m vegan so I take these ones but they’re other ones out there to choose from but I definitely recommend these ones. Best price, good quality and last longer than most. I just take one a day in the morning and I’m ready to go.

Chapstick -

Last but not least chapstick! Everyone uses chapstick right? My all time favorite is Burt’s Bee’s. I’ve been using this brand for years! My mom uses it too. They have one with SPF, all weather and various smells. #1 favorite brand it’s so moisturizing and keeps the lips soft, remember to reapply to get the full moisturizing effect. This one is my favorite, even though it’s their fall edition I’m autumn crazy so I use it all year.


Summer Dresses -

These are my favorite summer dress looks(:

Girly Dresses

Poof Dresses

Flowy Dresses

The Casual Dresses