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Terms and Conditions

✿ strictly no cancellation, no refund, and no rush order. ✿ be patient and will accept 1 commission at a time. ✿ no requesting of other yarn color that's not stated, unless the item is already made. ----------------- ✿ mop: gcash only ✿ mod: j&t (if nearby, can do cod and meet up).

jaejiya~rn catalog

Can't decide what to buy? Here's a list of items you might like:

A crocheteria selling crochet items with simple designs and neutral colors. This is perfect for everyone, in everyway, and to everywhere ;> yay!
I'm open for commissions, so don't hesitate to message me whatever you want to order. But, I might only accept orders I am confident to make.
✿ Note that the available colors are only neutral :| and most of my creation are korean inspired.

headband roll slice

Looking great for all sweeties!

Price: PHP 100.00
Color: taupe, cream, milk
Size: 35 inches long
Yarn: fine cotton

photocard holder pie

Home for your sparks!

Price: PHP 150.00
Color: oat (light brown)
Size: 4x5 inches
Yarn: mercerized yarn
Fit: normal photocard with toploader
Feature: with string (can hang or hide)

commission ideas (made to order)

✿ PHP 300 - 850

✿ PHP 300 - 500

✿ PHP 70 - 500

✿ PHP 50 - 300

kpop stuffs
✿ PHP 150 - 400

fur babies accessories
✿ PHP 150 - 300

amigurumis (soon)
✿ PHP 700 - 5000

wearables (soon)
✿ PHP 500 - 3000


A shy dreamer wishing to bloom!

Hi! I'm jaeji, not my real name. I'm just a seventeen years old teenager who discovered crochet amidst the pandemic, as for my hobby and later decided to make it as a business. Though it's too far to what I dream for me to be successful in the future, but I believe that through this journey, it will help me grow into a better me, which I can confidently say "I am proud of myself."

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