Hello beautiful

Here’s a little about me - I am 26 years old and work in corporate America using my apparel merchandising degree from Washington state. A few years into my career I realized my life was not playing out how I had thought..I was paycheck to paycheck, little savings, in lots of debt and just not fulfilled or happy. I knew there was more to life & that I did not have to fall victim to societies way of living. I needed to find abundance, more freedom and most importantly my purpose.

Little did I know, a small box of vegan beauty products would give me everything I was looking for & MORE. I know. It’s sounds too good to be true. I felt that way too! But with a little faith in myself, I decided that nothing is too good to be true for me.
Now I get to empower others through beauty + business. I help women just like you unapologetically claim their power while elevating their confidence, lifestyle & bank account.

If you are still ready this, it’s for a reason. Don’t block your own blessings. It’s time to create the dream life you want, it is very attainable with this opportunity.



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