Jake Hafen

Certified Personal Trainer⁣ ⁣ StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor⁣ ⁣ StrongFirst Bodyweight Instructor

Hey there!

I’m Jake. I’m assuming if you’re here your interested in how I can help you achieve your health goals? If you’re here to discuss if you should shave your head, all I can say is, you’ve got to have the right shaped head.

Back to your goals. Tired of hearing the same nutrition advice, needing to train for hours every day, sacrifice all social and family time, and maybe even be told to take special supplements?!

I’m here as more of your sponsor than a hardcore trainer. I don’t sell any “standardized” programs; you aren’t standard! I work with busy people who want to improve their fitness, shed some unwanted inches, and enjoy their life while doing it.

Having gained and lost 50 or more pounds 3 times myself until finally keeping off 100 total pounds, I’ve tried “all” the strategies- fasted cardio, 2xdays, Bodybuilding, carb cycling, keto, all the carbs,Crossfit, OMAD, I.M. and prolonged fasting- guess what? At the end of the day.....consistency, self-accountability, and hard work are your answers. Appropriate hard work, the kind that may be slower to pay off, but the investment can be permanent and life changing.

That’s where I come in.

Understanding what its like to fail but also succeed with managing weight, I help you understand how to manage a stressful schedule, family life, work and manage to reach your health goals! It is possible, I promise!

Oh wait! As a side note, with quarantine going on, I’ve trained out of a garage, apartment, or outside since I was 10 years old, so just shoot me a message if that’s your current situation!