About Me

Aspiring to make a better life for myself & my loved one's

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My name is James. I'm 24 this year (born in 1996). I'm a business consultant with Globalstars Enterprises and partnering with NU Skin in order to earn passive recurring income to be able to retired before I turn 35. We are in the beauty & wellness industry. The job scope is more to sales,business development & marketing (personal branding)

I love anime,comedy movies & especially spicy foods.

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Why I venture into NU Skin business platform

I was invited to have a listen to a business event preview invited by my good friend Eugene after I saw his Instagram story about Globalstars. So I asked him about it and he invited me to an event to check it out.

So after hearing about NU Skin. The company,the products & the compensation plan. I was thinking "I be pretty stupid to not try it out and see how it goes" So I told my friend "Okay I'm in,I'm wiling to give it a try"

What Opportunities?  —

Depends on YOU!

What I mean by DEPENDS ON YOU ?

Everyone has their own life going on,whether it's studying or working.

NU Skin is a platform that you can take advantages of in your own way. Either as a side hustle,earning an extra 1000k - 3000k a month or venture into full-time.

Can let me know what is it that you want to gain from NU Skin platform.