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Hi friends, I’m Jamie! I’m married to my best friend, who I have known since I was 18! We have 5 fur babies together!

I am halfway done with my bachelors in applied management! I was originally majoring in psychology and have since changed my degree path to business!

The U.S. Army has been such a huge piece of my life for 10+ years, and it has been such an incredible experience meeting new people and making life long friends.

Now I’m an artist with SEINT, a Market Partner with Monat, and I design my own apparel. I am able to teach women how to not only do their makeup, but to also use toxic free hair care and skin care.

I've always had a sense of servant leadership in helping others. I love helping others feel more confident in themselves. I'm able to help women see that it is possible finding beauty in things that they truly love. I'm love providing an opportunity to help and teach other’s how to work their business from their phone, as a tool to help themselves financially, whether it’s just a little extra cash.

I wouldn't trade my life choices for anything and I'm so thankful for this road I'm currently on!

🖤 Jamie Lee