“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” - Michelangelo

“A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.” - Maya Angelou

Coming from a coastal beach town in Cronulla and growing up with a deep connection to the ocean and appreciation for the healing energies of mother nature, my goal is to create a safe space for people to come, be listened to, be heard and embraced. Ever since I was young, I’ve had the ability to see people for who they truly are, not just the story they put out to the world. Using my intuition, Energetic work and other healing modalities as tools, I work to create an environment where i support clients to uncover and explore their own path. While allowing people to lead their own healing journey, i work closely alongside, responding to their energetic needs as well as their physical needs. I work to remain present in current experience, and support others in working through and adapting to life's ebbs and flows. In my spare time If I’m not in the ocean you will mostly find me in the national park wandering through the forest. With a deep love for the stars, mystics, music, words and poetry I am always learning new ways so that I can be of greater good to support you in this life time.

Much love, J x


Holistic Counselling, Psychotherapy & Circles

“Holding space means that we are willing to walk alongside another person in whatever journey they’re on without judging them, making them feel inadequate, trying to fix them, or trying to impact the outcome. When we hold space for people, we open our hearts, offer unconditional support and let go of judgement and control.” – Heather Plett