About Jamila & Her Journey

Athlete, Undergrad Student, Wellness coach

🌻 My Story:

I was active at an early age as I began dance at the age of 3. My involvement in sports began at 6 playing soccer. During sophomore year of high school, I tore my lateral meniscus and had to have surgery to remove the tear. But that was not the injury that caused me to put my health first and end my soccer career early.

The last game of my senior year an opponent football tackled me for a ball I had already distributed. The impact not only knocked me off my feet putting on me on my left side, but it caused my head to bounce off and return back to the turf. As I lay there, I could hear my teammates trying to comfort me. I could hear those around me, but I could not respond and I almost lost consciousness. I suffered from a concussion so awful that my doctor said that if I were to get another one like it that he would not allow me to return to play soccer ever again.

It was a tough road and I had even tougher decisions to make about my future. My doctor was unsure if I would be able to complete college on campus and said that if I had too much trouble concentrating that I would have to do so online. Even though I’m concussion free, I am still affected by headaches and light sensitivity.

🌻 Now:

I am happy to say that currently I am pursuing a degree as a Health Sciences major & a Dance minor!

My personal journey of living an active lifestyle and having to face wellness issues along the way is what inspired to take back control of my life! I was prioritizing everyone else before myself causing not only a toll on my physical health, but especially my mental. I had to change and I needed it be fast! That’s when I decided to jump into becoming a wellness coach!

My job is to help you becoming the BEST VERSION OF YOU while living you build the life you deserve! 💛 Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I would love to have you join my amazing community!

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