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Hi! I'm Jamine!

In 2011, I began pursuing a career in laboratory medicine, discovering during my undergrad years that I was happiest working in the lab.

Becoming a full-pledged clinical pathologist in 2015, we moved to Bacolod where my husband, an anesthesiologist, has been practicing. As someone who was around potentially infectious material a lot, I used disinfectants left and right, however, the smell wasn’t desirable so I was always in search for something that would make the smell “go away” or at least make it better. But there was a problem: everything I tried gave me migraines or just didn’t work and I felt like I was wasting so much money buying things that my body rejects, until I was introduced to Young Living essential oils in June of 2017.

Being an advocate for natural parenting styles, it was a no-brainer to also have a natural alternative in supporting my family’s health. Essential oils and essential oil infused products are now my family’s go-to for practically everything: from supporting the bodies of our 4 kids and other members of the household, to our 14 rescue dogs, to home cleaning, and even personal care. Since that serendipitous moment of using a drop of an effective essential oil, it became my mission to make sure that every household I touch becomes empowered in controlling what goes into your homes.

You have the right to choose. You don’t have to settle for what marketing tells you are ok to use, they are protected by trademarks that allow them to hide behind the broad term “fragrance”, and many of these products contain hormone disruptors and chemicals that promote production of free radicals. Think: they make you LOOK older and FEEL older.

So if you want to start living a better life, start by switching to cleaner products. I promise you’ll feel the difference.

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