Our Vision

This is not your regular coffee shop, this is not your regular child care provision. This is JaM Lounge, a Community Interest company which will be a licensed community hub comprising of a coffee shop with an additional space which will be used for both after school provision for young people from 11 - 18 years and adult education. We aim to increase aspiration and opportunities for those in the community.

It is time to regress the balance, and provide opportunities for those children who are surrounded by challenge and circumstances which often result in them not achieving their full potential, or the belief that their dreams and desires will never come true. Through the creation of both opportunities along with exposure to life changing junctures which will allow a shift not only in the lives of the young people who take part but also in that of the the generations that follow.

To help establish this, we are looking for support to help achieve the financial goals to make this facility a reality. So read on and if this is something which resonates with you… reach out!

In the mean time (from September 2022) JaM Lounge will run from a variety of venues in and around Birmingham and Coventry, because why not, every journey has to start somewhere .

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What Makes JaM Lounge Unique?

One BIG thing stopping many young people of colour and from disadvantaged backgrounds from crossing the line is, to achieving there goals is opportunity…. Now here is an opportunity, so take it!

JaM Lounge is a community hub offering support and training to young people through personalised tuition. We will provide support and guidance with school lead tasks such as homework, controlled assessments and revision, whilst also delivering projects designed expose young people to a breadth of opportunities as they grow into adults. This will include projects such as enterprise initiatives; “creating your own side hustle”, financial management and investing. Positive mental health and self-development and self esteem.

Staffed by a community of people who have one goal in mind and that is to guide and support young people to achieve their goals and become the best versions of themselves.

JaM Lounge will be available after school hours (3.00pm - 7.30pm), Monday to Friday and Saturday morning. Sessions will include a meal and beverage as it is important to nourished the mind, aswell as nourishing the body.

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The People

All about Miranda

I have a love for people and my passion is to work alongside them helping them to recognise and unlock their true potential, achieving and overcoming things which they never believed to be possible. My capacity within JaM Lounge will be to work, not only as a teacher but also as a coach, not affording the children who attend, the option of giving up on themselves. JaM Lounge is a community where we are all there to work towards the same goal, and that goal is personal growth, in all of the many forms that this may take.

Having a teaching career that has spans nearly 2 decades teaching both ICT/Computer Science and Business, my passion and biggest motivator has not changed; I want to make a difference in the lives of young people and especially those from disaffected and disadvantaged backgrounds. Gaining my BSc Business Information Systems and completing the Graduate Teacher Program back in 2002, I was ready to make this change.

Throughout my career to date I have carried out a number of roles from Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator, Head of Department, Assistant Principal of faculty for 10 years, Equality Diversity and Inclusion Co ordinator. Managing teams of varying sizes and well as leading on whole school initiatives. With teaching experience from the UK and internationally in state funded schools, academies and private education. These rich opportunities has prepared me to further propel the experiences and opportunities of those young people who are joining us at JaM Lounge, opening up a wealth of possibilities which many never believed possible.

All about Jason

As a father to three children and watching them grow into the independent yet contrasting individuals they are today, I have come to be a true believer in developing the child through their character and personal attributes, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. JaM Lounge is just an extension of the family I’m so proud to say that I have helped raise. So why not pass on some of this guidance and nurturing to others!

A 14-year career from teaching to a senior leader within education, I developed a passion for teaching and learning, and how I could continuously push the boundaries for creating effective and transparent learning experiences based on the individual needs of the learners in my presence. This led to senior roles in the development and leading of teaching and learning change programmes in a nationwide capacity for an international educational establishment.

I have worked amongst some of the most diverse communities and cultures in the world, from Birmingham to the middle east. My goal is to share my experiences in the form of teaching and mentoring to help the young people of JaM Lounge, to gain an understanding of the wider possibilities in the world and to also realise their potential in doing so. Young learners’ initial disadvantages do not always have to define them in a negative way. JaM Lounge will only strive to provide the fuel for their passion to succeed.

All about Lajoy

I am committed to reducing educational inequality and promoting outstanding outcomes for students from underrepresented backgrounds, and this is the foundation upon which my work stands. After achieving my undergraduate master’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Oxford, I entered teaching through the Teach First Leadership Development Programme, fully embracing the mission statement that the future of each child should not depend on their socioeconomic background.

Over my 8-year teaching career, teaching students from KS3 to KS5, I have held a number of academic and pastoral positions, including joint science curriculum leader, Head of House, and Teaching and Learning Lead. As such my drive is to empower, encourage, and educate students holistically, developing core values such as resilience, kindness, and independence gives them the best chance to succeed in further study and beyond, as they contribute to wider society.

Having attended and taught in inner London schools before working internationally, I know first-hand the exponential, positive impact of young people receiving access to outstanding, purposeful, and engaging education and support; JaM lounge creates a space for this.

All about Alexa

Starting my teaching career in 2008 at the largest secondary school in the UK (Great Barr School) was an experience which allowed me to become both resilient and adaptable in my teaching practice. During my 14 years of teaching, I have taught across all abilities and ages ranging from age 11 to 18, delivering both Mathematics and Sociology.

In addition to teaching, pastoral care is an area of passion. I have carried out the position of head of year and have also had the opportunity to set up and run a supportive education program, offering 11-18 years old who were deemed at rick, a provision which enabled them to succeed.

Achieving your potential is so much more than simply passing exams, is it a process of nurturing the entire person, establishing passions and desires, setting goals and understanding that the things you want in life are achievable. JaM Lounge will create this environment for all the young people who take part, and this opportunity has the potential to be life changing.

It is time to take the steps to walk in your purpose, join the Movement… Join Jam Lounge community.

Join the JaM Lounge community

It is time to create the life you want to live

If you are a young person or the parent/guardian of a young person between the ages of 11 to 18, and feel that you would benefit from being part of a community who are there to support your growth academically, socially and emotionally. Then it’s time to get in touch via the link below.

Please note that those between the age of 11-16 parental consent will be required, so start by speaking to a parent/guardian about getting involved by sharing this site with them. Then ask then to click the link below and register your interest.

You’re over 16, then just click the link and take control! A member of our team will be in touch with you personally, to let you know more and answer any questions you may have.

We are recruiting for September 2022 admission,

Take control and make a change

Link to MS Form

Join a Movement

How can you help?

As a community interest company, we are here to support the community in which we serve. Access to skilled individuals and funding is the life blood of all businesses and we are no different, so if you would like to support through working along side the young people, or through donations please do get in touch.

If you would like to get involved and support through donations or through your Corporate Social Responsibility select the Donations or CSR link below, sharing details of your intention.


If you are an educator and would like to work along side our young people please register your interest using the Educator link. Tell us your name, subjects, days which you are available, and whether you would prefer to support sessions online or in person.


If you are a school establishment, and believe this to be a great facility for the children you serve. Please get in touch, we would also like to work in collaboration with you for the good of the young people.

It is the work of many which will make a difference changing futures one child at a time… let’s join together to make and create change.

From Us to you, we would like to say thank you… JaM join a Movement

#1 Donation

We are fund raising for fixed premises if you want to help in making this a reality, gofundme. Thank you for your support

#2 Corporate Social Responsibility

If you think JaM lounge is a CIC that your organisation would like to work closely with. Then please get in touch with us sharing your intention, and ways you think we could collaborate.

#3 Educators

Tell us all about yourself and upload a CV, we are looking for educators where children’s success is at the heart of Everything you do. We look forward to hearing from you!

#4 Educational Establishments

If you are a leader in a school and believe this to be a great opportunity for your students please get in touch. Add your details to the form and we will get in touch.


What people have to say

“I still to this day remembering Miss Cameron (Miranda) saying that I was talented with IT! It has stuck with me that she believed in me so much and made me feel as though I have a genuine talent. Miranda had an incredible impact on both me (and my brother) when we attended school. We knew that she’d look after us with any support we needed (educational or emotional). I think Miranda’s ability to be emotionally and technically supportive as well as genuinely down to earth and supportive to everyone really meant that she could have a strong student-teacher bond. Teachers that you could talk to on a real-world level were always the best.

I grew up with a relatively low socioeconomic background and with the guidance and support of teachers like Miranda (especially Miranda), I now have a university degree and wonderful job doing something I’m passionate about.”
Chloe Etchells

“Miranda, you shined because you were fair, professional and encouraging. you were one of my only few black teachers and you made me realise that there was a place for me in teaching (black person) and this inspired me to enter the profession and adopt the same fairness professionalism and encouragement in my classrooms as you showed me so many years ago.”
Chinua Marley Troupe

“As a teacher Miranda always directed me with confidence and knowledge. She would always be on hand to guide in areas I was not clear on, or needed more assistance on. The confidence was what stayed with me, encouraging me for the future to fill myself with knowledge on whatever area I wanted to work in, so that I would gain confidence in whatever I did from the knowledge gained and stored.”
Taryn McPike

“I think Miranda endlessly good at many things but one of your strengths is leading. Bringing people together and getting the best out of everyone. She shines when she’s helping others shine. When she’s helped foster a happy environment. But these are just snippets.”
Paul Wiredu

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