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Why choose JTT?
✔️💯 Organic and Herbal Based
✔️Certified by Ministry of Health Malaysia. (KKM)
✔️High Quality & Premium
✔️Proven Effective

Jamu Tun Teja, Not your average jamu

How do I start with JTT??

Its all start when my husband yang belikan this JTT for me. I guess mesti dia selalu nampak Im tired and always moody. 🤭 Thanks love! Hahaha!

Sebab after deliver my 2nd child, I have to admit that Im always physical and emotional exhausted. I bet mesti most mommies will experience the same. Motherhood can be very challenging sometimes. But im very thankful that i found JTT. It really help me a lot in term of energy. As a bonus. My skin condition also improved and glowing. Yay or nay? Of course la yay!! Who doesnt like that?! But my journey doesnt stop there. Satu satu product tun teja I explore. From Feminime Herbal Wash, Mekar Breast Cream, Ginseng Herbal Soap, Sutera Lip Glass and Serum, Ratu Set Haircare and recently the latest product which is Laut Spa Series. And amazingly every product tu do wonder on me! OMG! I really fall in love with Tun Teja! Its really hard to find local brand that setanding international brand nowdays. Seriously gais.

Jamu Tun Teja

Why I Choose Jamu Tun Teja

The Malays believe that a fresh radiant complexion is a reflection on inner health, an indication of a well-balanced mind, body and spirit.

Jamu Tun Teja offers a variety of health benefits tailored to fit the busy lifestyle of the modern woman.

Packaged in a convenient on-the-go sachet, ensures that you would never miss out your daily dose of Jamu.

Jamu Tun Teja consists of the perfect harmony, more than 11 nature-based extracts, which are synergistically vital to your natural body’s processes.

Jamu Tun Teja includes 3 distinctive ingredients guaranteed to give you radiance and clarity from within –
🌿Naturally sourced Collagen from Norway
🌿expertly derived Vitamin C and
🌿Hyaluronic Acid (HA),

HA is a leading-edge cosmetic ingredient which immediately took its place at the forefront of age control active substances, posses a wide range of amazing properties.

Jamu Tun Teja is created with the spirit of classic Malay Jamu and its modernised with modern technology for the best result.

Jamu Tun Teja

Main Ingredients


🌿Manjakani inside the JTT was extracted from the highest quality tree in the Manjakani group imported from Iran.


🌿Akar Serapat is a traditionally used root and combined with other herbs, aimed at treating women’s interior.
🌿Imported from West Sumatra, Indonesia is very famous for its original high quality.


🌿Acai Berry often associated with overweight and effective weight loss function.
🌿Acai Berry formulated in Jamu Tun Teja is imported from Brazil.


🌿It is categorized as one of the healthiest spices in the world used to produce herbs.
🌿Cinnamon in JTT is imported from West Sumatra, Indonesia.


🌿Halia Bara is a kind of ginger used in traditional medicine and red color​. 

🌿It feels more spicy than regular ginger imported from West Sumatra, Indonesia


🌿Black Pepper are imported from Sarawak and it is rich in nutrients and high fiber.


🌿Pure Honey is a kind of sweet that produced by bees with a relatively high price 


🌿Hyaluronic Acid or HA very closely related to skin health.
🌿HA is naturally produced by our own skin to maintain skin elasticity and moisture.



✔️Rich with antioxidants to reduce the process of aging

✔️Prevent acne and pimples as it is rich in astringents, it removes the excess oil from the skin.

✔️Reduce the large pores to enhance the suppleness and youthfulness


✔️Improve overall intimate health – tighten
vaginal muscles.

✔️Reduce white discharge

✔️Remove unpleasant odour from private parts

✔️Tighten and improve elasticity of the breasts.

Akar Serapat


✔️Fix and tighten the vaginal tissue and muscles.

✔️Tighten and improve elasticity of the breasts

✔️Remove toxins from the body.

✔️Improves blood circulation.

✔️Relieve muscle spasms of the uterus during menstruation.

Acai Berry


✔️Reduce skin irritation.

✔️Prevent Anti-aging


✔️Natural fat burner

✔️Cleansing unwanted toxins.

✔️Helps digestion

✔️Boosting immune system



✔️Helps to reduce scarring caused by severe acne and mild and moderate scars.

✔️Helps to protect the skin from irritation, rash, allergic reactions and germs in the skin, especially for sensitive skin

✔️Helps to fade out new and simple freckles


✔️High with antioxidants that can control the sugar content in the blood and thus help digestion

✔️Help to lose weight if consumptive JTT is consecutively as recommended

Red Ginger


✔️Rich in antioxidant content that is capable of fighting against free radicals so that the skin is healthier and energetic throughout the day

✔️Help to reduce skin irritation.


✔️Speed up the process of tissue renewal inside body, as well as repair cells, thereby slowing down the process

✔️Increase milk productions.

✔️Relieve muscle aches, cramps and joint pain

Black Pepper


✔️Rich in antioxidant content that is capable of fighting against free radicals so that the skin is healthier and energetic throughout the day

✔️Help to reduce skin irritation.


✔️Nature Black Pepper The heat can burn excess fat in the body

✔️Help digestion and digestive processes.

✔️Help burn calories and increase metabolism in the body

Pure Honey


✔️High with Vitamin C that can beautify, moisturize and make skin look glowing.

✔️Exfoliates the dull and dead skin.


✔️High with protein and iron that can increase breast milk. Pure Honey will stimulate milk so it is sufficient

✔️Help to increase energy and metabolism

Hyaluronic Acid


✔️Helps the production of new collagen in the body.

✔️Intensely help hydrates and moisturizes skin.

✔️Slow down the aging process. HA also reduces fine lines on the face and slows down the aging process

✔️Promote even skin tone and smoother texture

✔️Brighten skin complexion

Product Jamu Tun Teja

Top Recommendation for JTT Lovers ❤️

Enhanced Your Natural Beauty!

Jamu Tun Teja provide luxurious essential products from head to toe. Beauty Suppliment Jamu, Bodycare series, Haircare series and latest the Laut Spa Series is women’s bestfriend who taking care your beauty inside out.


Feminime Herbal Wash


A mixture of aromatic herbs high in essential oils to revitalize and deodorize the genital area.With dedicated research, we understand every women has different intimate needs and requires a unique solution that’s best for her.Most intimate area deserves the most delicate treatment.


Ginseng Herbal Soap


Ginseng Herbal Soap by Jamu Tun Teja™ is a very high quality soap with a combination of different types imported Herbs and Essential Oil, making this soap a Premium Product for Jamu Tun Teja™ brand. It can solve various types of skin problems.


Mekar Breast Firming Cream


MEKAR Breast Firming Herbal Cream by
JTT is specially formulated cream that smoothes
on like a gel. It will firm and tone your breast
area even after pregnancy, weight lost and even
sign of ageing. This cream delivers an immediate lift- visibly improving the shape of the breast
area and improves skin elasticity.


Sutera Herbal Lip Glass


Sutera Herbal Lip Glass Awaken a healthy glow lips with Cashmere Silky texture, giving a natural, true-skin finish for the ultimate “No-Makeup” Makeup Look, Infused with the skin-loving essence of Essential Oils, combines with raw
mineral color pigments, resulting in an exotic formula that is visibly hydrating and perfect fresh and natural color on your lips.


Sutera Herbal Lip Serum


Herbal Lip Serum is 2 in 1 product with a slightly blush of color – volumizing and hydrating formulation, enriched with Organic Mustard
Sprout to plump your lips instantly with a slight tingle. Lips will look visibly fuller looking! The 6 Nourishing Essential Oils seal in hydration for hours, making your lips feel quenched while providing glossy dewy look.


Ratu Haircare Series

Beautiful, Healthy and Luscious set of hair is every women’s crowning glory dream. Packed with Wildflowers and Essential Oils benefits, RATU reverses grey hair to its original colour whilst injecting antioxidant value to let the scalp heals against free radicals.

Reduce the added stress on your hair, and make a switch with our 2 steps, specially formulated with 11 Oriental Herbs RATU Hair Shampoo and Hair Conditioner and achieve renewed life on your hair! Rambut you akan definitely become stronger than ever


Laut Spa Series

The abundance of Antioxidant and Detoxifying ingredients to ensure that you enjoy the best of LAUT Spa Series and come out feeling refreshed and revitalised
LAUT acts as Detox on Skin & Treatment that has been designed to help rid your skin of Beauty woes that may hinder it from looking and feeling its best! LAUT is WAJIB for each one of YOU! This is by far the most amazing product by JTT!

Do JTT product is proven safe?

Yes absolutely dear! All JTT product is organic based and have KKM Approval ❤️


1. NOT Cosmetics is defined as a substance or preparation to be used on the exterior of the human body such as skin, hair, nails, lips, teeth and mouth.

In Malaysia, cosmetic products are regulated under the Drug and Cosmetic Control Regulations 1984, ASEAN C0smetic Directives (ACD) and Guideline for C0ntr0l of C0smetic Product in Malaysia to ensure that cosmetic products are quality and safe for consumers.

Beginning in 2008, the control process for cosmetic products has changed from the Registration System to the N0TIFICATION System. Through the notification system, the company must notify the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB) first before the cosmetic product can be imported, manufactured or marketed in Malaysia. Cosmetic products that have been notified will be given a Certification Number (N0T) as proof that the cosmetic product has been notified by the NPCB.

2. MAL Registered products have a MAL registration number (e.g. MAL20125467T) and a Meditag Hologram label on their packaging.

If a drug product does not have these two characteristics, it is feared that the product is not registered with the MOH. All registered drugs must display their registration number on their label or packaging.

No. registration begins with the letter ‘MAL’ followed by 8 digit numbers and ends with letters that indicate the product registration category, namely:

Product registration category:
A - Uba t contains controlled toxins
X - Uba t that does not contain controlled toxins / 0TC
T - Uba t traditional
N - Health supplements

3. KKM For information, products registered or notified with the Drug Control Authority (PBKD) do not use the letter 'MOH' in any registration number or notification number.

If pharmaceutical products, health supplements, traditional preparations and cosmetics have No. MAL then these products are safe to use from illicit substances such as mercury, sabrutamine and illicit substances and drugs.

Every cosmetic and pharmaceutical product including supplements and traditional preparations must register with the Drug Control Authority (PBKD) before the products are sold to consumers. Registration number for products that have been registered with PBKD will be equipped with security features, namely registration number and genuine hologram.

Jamu Tun Teja


Ginseng Herbal Soap


Mekar Breast Firming Cream


Feminime Herbal Wash


Sutera Herbal Lipglass and Lip Serum


Ratu Haircare Series


Laut Spa Series

Ginseng Herbal Body Wash
- NOT201007668K

Ginseng Herbal Body Scrub
- NOT201007685K

Ginseng Regenerating Herbal Cream
- NOT201007686K

Jamu Tun Teja

Frequently Asked Questions

🤔How long does JTT ™ take to show the maximum result?

🌸 We would recommend customer to try JTT ™ at least for 3 months for the best result as JTT ™ is a 100% natural ingredient supplement which our body will need some time to absorb and produce and it depend on our body level of toxins as well. Early reaction happen as early as 1-3days. It varies for every woman.

🤔 Is JTT ™ really works on matured skin type?

🌸 JTT ™ is very effective against signs of aging and help prevent or lighten freckles, pigmentation, melasma, dark spots and age spots. Even today’s laser treatments are unable to clear these completely and can only lighten at best. But after laser treatment, some people’s skin will become more sensitive and thinner. JTT ™ can prevent this from worsening and may lighten further, although not clear the skin completely.

🤔 is this safe for Breastfeeding and while Im Pregnant?

🌸 You are NOT allow to consume JTT ™ while you are pregnant. JTT ™ was formulated for breastfeeding mom. The Pure Honey inside JTT ™ is proven really helping the supply of Breast Milk and it becomes Milk Booster. Its 1st Jamu in Malaysia that really take serious favor for BF Mom.

🤔 is JTT ™safe for Cyst?

🌸 You should ask your doctor about it before beginning supplementation of any kind especially which contain active ingredient like Collagen. And it is advisable to maintain only with medical supplement or but its really help to be consumed while planning to conceived.

🤔 How can JTT ™ help my skin to the maximum at the same time giving me energy as said in many testimonials?

🌸 JTT ™ is very effective against signs of aging and great for anyone with a dull complexion, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, wrinkles and sensitive skin. It will help brighten your skin to a radiant glow and leave it smoother and firmer. It is not only good for your skin, it also helps detox your body, as well as help boost your immune system, hormone balance and a myriad of supporting functions. JTT ™ works naturally enable your body to work more intelligently to produce your own glutathione and collagen.

How to consume JTT?

Shake ~ Tear ~ Drink! Easy ❤️

💁🏻Intensive - 2 sachets per day
💁🏻Progressive - 1 sachet per day
💁🏻Economy - 1 sachet per 2 days.
🌟Method 1
JTT before 1st meal (1 hour or right before meal) for some people, can stimulate their appetite. .
🌟Method 2
JTT after meal (1-2hours) for some people, can cut their appetite
Whichever method you're trying, please do it 3days in a row trial.
Note: This is based on customers' testimonials. Results may vary for each individual (metabolism, age, activity etc) hence the 3days trial is important to define which method works for you.

Our body needs time to absorb and depending on our body level of toxins, the reaction can happen as early as 1-3days. ‼

Noted: Jamu Tun Teja cannot be consumed by pregnant ladies and it is not advisable to consume during your period 🇯🇵

Please drink plenty of water too 💋

Intensive Plan

Best suits for:
✔️Nursing mothers
✔️Weight loss
✔️Planning to conceive
✔️Wound healing
✔️Post Natal care, etc

Take 2 sachet perday.
👉 1 sachet morning and 1 sachet night

Progressive plan

Best suits for:
✔️Energy boosting
✔️Maximing overall body health
✔️Increase your collagen body level, etc

Take 1 sachet perday
👉 1 sachet morning OR 1 sachet night

Economy Plan

Best suits for:
✔️Maintaining Health
✔️Boost immune system to prevent sickness
✔️Suitable for long term consumption, etc

Take 1 sachet every 2 days
👉 1 sachet morning OR 1 sachet night's

List of "Do" and "Dont" while consuming JTT

Here are the things you need to know when practicing Jamu Tun Teja ™:

Be Consistent

Need to always be disciplined. Take JTT within the allotted time or according to your routine and do not delay taking or taking it occasionally.

Drink plenty of plain water

Always ensure that the intake of plain water is sufficient so that the absorption of nutrients by the body occurs better and optimally.

In addition, it also helps in eliminating toxin from the body.

Avoid taking supplement at once

Always take other supplements with JTT within 3-4 hours or distribute the intake according to your suitability and needs so that the kidneys are not burdened in a certain time only.

Minimize caffeine intake in your daily diet

JTT has no taboos but, regular and continuous caffeine intake will disrupt the process and damage the nutrients of herbs.

Eat healthy and exercise

For those who want to lose weight, you should also take care of your food and diet portions. Doing exercise is also highly recommended. Be reminded again, JTT is not a skinny product but, it is one of the supplements that can help you increase your body metabolism and even burn fat.

Ginseng Herbal Soap (GHS)

Pimple, Dry skin, Sensitive skin, Acne scar, Body Ache, Pigmentation, Blackhead, Whitehead??!! NO WORRIES! Get Healthy Skin with Ginseng Herbal Soap ♥️

From the careful selection of ingredients, Ginseng imported from Japan, Ginger, Nutmeg, Red Dates, White Peony, Neem, Pear, Sakura, Orange Zest, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Habatussauda, Apricot Seed, Patchouli Essential Oil, and Collagen to the final concept and design.

Ginseng Herbal Soap by Jamu Tun Teja TM demands many months of detail research, many hours of delicate care and consideration to perfect! All selective ingredients are brewed - dried - aged to perfect qualifications with strict adherence to proven traditional processes.

Benefits of using Ginseng Herbal Soap is :

❤️ Skin’s Energy Booster - improve circulation of skin, giving an elusive glow, fresh, healthy and energized.

❤️ Its Antioxidant and Stimulant! - brightening dull skin and moisturize dry skin.

❤️ It is an Anti-Inflammatory Soap! - it will reduce tired skin, depuff under-eye skin and dark circle, remember, the main ingredient of this amazing soap is Ginseng, one of the greatest Herbal in the world, and its imported from Japan.