Hi everyone

My name is Janai and I am a proud mum of 2, Jayden and Mikayla and married to a great guy, Joe. We live in the small town of Ayr in sunny North Queensland near the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef.

I am a lover of all things health and wellness, reading, dancing, a good coffee, food - I love food, spending time near the water, personal growth and working out.

I have been on one hell of an adventure over the past 5 years. You see from the outside looking in, I had all the confidence and it seemed I had my life in order. However, that was so far from the truth. I was constantly worried about what others thought of me, I had no self- confidence and stuck in a place of feeling so grateful for what I already had in my life but feeling bad for wanting more. I was not showing up as the best version of me which meant my family and friends were not getting the best of me either.

The Empowered Project found me at the right time in my life and it felt right like the right time
to step out of my comfort zone.

I had a lot of questions pop up for me though. Could I really do this? How could I fit this around full-time work and a family? I was not social media savvy at all, and my confidence was at an all-time low.

What I did not realize at the time was just how amazing the mentoring is that we receive through the journey of this business. It has been my mentor who has taught me how to build this business alongside my full-time work, taught me about social media but what I am most grateful for is the growth I have had personally. Even as I type this, it makes me tear up.

What I love about EP is how I get to hold space for women to believe in themselves, like my mentor did for me. I love seeing women grow in confidence, to break free of the comparison game, to find what lights them up, to be surrounded by like-minded women across the globe raising each other up without competition and to bring more fun into our lives. Teaching women that self-care is a necessity and is in no way selfish, and teaching them about setting realistic goals around family life and to know that they can achieve their goals enthusiasm, commitment and conviction.

If you are curious to learn more about working together and to see how this might be a good fit for you, then I would love for you to book a call via the link below or connect with me on Facebook or Instagram.

I look forward to helping you discover the power within and to reach your goals xx

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